About the Innovation Incubator

Innovation Incubator logoThe College of Arts and Sciences and ASSETT are sponsoring an initiative to promote active, engaging, and experiential learning through the use of technology. The Innovation Incubator is funding four multi-year projects that involve students, faculty, and staff across the divisions of Arts & Humanities, Social Sciences, and Natural Sciences.

Each project team is led by a member of the ASSETT staff:

  • Joy Adams, Teaching & Learning Consultant, leads a group that is developing resources and learning objects related to metacognition and mindfulness, which can be implemented in courses across the college. Team members include: Becca Ciancanelli (Center for Teaching & Learning); Sidney D’Mello (PSYC); Beth Dusinberre (CLAS); June Gruber (PSYC); Young Kyung Min (PWR); Shane Oshetski (SASC); Cheryl Pinzone (FTEP); and Galina Siergiejczyk (GSLL / GRAP).

  • Amanda McAndrew, Faculty Services Portfolio Manager, leads a group that is investigating opportunities to establish a peer-to-peer support environment for faculty and students. The team strives to create a collective whose members can learn together and share expertise to accomplish digital, print, and other multimodal publishing projects that meet academic standards and are open and accessible to the community at large. Team members include: Rachael Deagman (ENGL); Kristen Drybread (ANTH / PWR); Jay Ellis (PWR); Nicole Jobin (Sewell RAP); Suzanne Magnanini (FRIT); Beth Osnes (THRD); and Caroline Sinkinson (LIBR).

  • Jacie Moriyama, Student Services Portfolio Manager, leads a group that is exploring how we can use technology to generate meaningful opportunities for students, inside and outside the classroom. Team members include: McKell Carter (PSYC); Michaele Ferguson (PSCI); Ruth Heisler (IPHY); Catherine Kunce (PWR); Daryl Maeda (ETHN / A&S); and David Paradis (HIST).

  • Shane Schwikert, Data Analytics and Applied Learning Sciences Manager, leads a team that is working on integrating data science methods and tools across the curriculum. Team members include: Jane Garrity (ENGL); David Glimp (ENGL); Vilja Hulden (HIST); Sebastian Kopf (GEOL); Brett Melbourne (EBIO); Nathan Pieplow (PWR); and Eric Vance (APPM / LISA).

Blair Young facilitates the work of the incubator and its teams as our Innovation Catalyst. Leadership for the initiative includes David Brown, Divisional Dean of Social Sciences; Beth Osnes, ASSETT Faculty Advisor; and Mark Werner, Associate Director for Academic Technology Learning Design. Aisha Jackson leads the Office of Information Technology's Academic Technology Applications and Design Team, which houses ASSETT.

For more information about the initiative, contact the project sponsors, David Brown or Mark Werner.

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