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Learn principles that span disciplines, apply to all educational levels and pedagogical situations, and are cross-culturally relevant. Join our summer Book Club.

Change the way you deliver your course content or explore the different frameworks of flipped classroom, hybrid, or online course design. Learn more about the Course Design Workshop.

The ASSETT Faculty Fellows collaborate to address teaching, learning, and technology needs and challenges within their individual departments. 

ASSETT's Innovation Incubator is funding four multi-year projects that involve students, faculty, and staff to promote active, engaging, and experiential learning through the use of technology. 

Join a Special Interest Group! A SIG is a community of learners who explore themes in teaching, learning, and technology.

Are you interested in learning how others are using games in their classroom? Have you read about how someone has ‘gamified’ their activities and want to learn more? Or are you just generally curious about gamification pedagogy? Join us for the next GCoP event!

Student Technology Consultants partner with faculty to improve the undergraduate student experience in the College of Arts & Sciences. 

Students as Partners is a collaborative pedagogical approach that pairs faculty and students to improve teaching and learning. 

ASSETT’s Tech Camps explore a variety of technologies and techniques such as mobile apps, student tools, active learning, instructional design, and much more!

The Technology Integration Program helps faculty implement new technologies by providing them with support from a Student Technology Consultant.


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We gather and analyze high-quality classroom data to help you reach your pedagogical goals and effectively implement technology. 

BuffsCreate allows learners to take control of their digital identities while designing and hosting their own web presence.

We offer one-on-one and small-group consultations tailored to the unique needs of faculty, courses, and programs. They are designed to help you Teach more efficiently and effectively with tools suited to your comfort level, learning objectives, and expertise.  

Professional development customized to fit your needs and your schedule. Choose from a variety of topics and formats, then submit your request using our online form. 

The biennial Academic Technology Survey is a campuswide needs assessment regarding teaching with technology. View the current findings and past reports.

Universal Design for Learning (UDL) is a framework for curriculum design that fosters an inclusive learning environment.

The Visualizing Instructional Practices (VIP) Service provides faculty within the College of Arts & Sciences with insights into their their teaching effectiveness.

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 The ASSETT Podcast Network features a variety of voices from the University of Colorado’s teaching and learning community in the College of Arts & Sciences. Within the network, you can access mini-series focused on topics ranging from student success, to technology share outs, to insights from faculty, staff, and students for improving the undergraduate learning experience, and more.

 Curricular alignment uses the process of backwards design to ensure that departmental learning goals are addressed and assessed in course curricula. 

 Nominees for the Excellence in Teaching with Technology Award contribute to ASSETT's mission of advancing teaching and learning through technology.

In a flipped classroom, students get their first exposure to course content before coming to class, then spend in-class time engaging in activities designed to promote deeper understanding.

ASSETT's evidence-based models provide efficient pathways for instruction in hybrid courses.

Spotlight Around the College highlights faculty blog posts, videos, and other materials.

Student-focused resources and tips for maximizing learning. Faculty are encouraged to share these materials or use them in courses.

Advice from faculty about creating an effective and engaging learning environment in large classes.

 ASSETT and the Center for Teaching & Learning curates this collection of tips and resources to navigate common teaching challenges. Based on the scholarship of teaching and learning, these strategies promote student learning and highlight effective and innovative practices that have been developed by educators from across the CU Boulder campus.