About the ASSETT Advisory Board

ASSETT is advised by a board of representatives from across the College of Arts and Sciences, including faculty, staff and students. The board is chaired by an associate dean of the college, who appoints the members with recommendations from the ASSETT Director, other associate deans, the A&S Student Government, and the United Government of Graduate Students. Faculty and staff are appointed for one to two years, and students are appointed for two semesters. The board meets twice a year to review ASSETT’s activities and make recommendations for the future.

Download Advisory Board Bylaws [PDF]

Mission Statement: The mission of the A&S Support of Education Through Technology (ASSETT) program is to work in partnership with OIT to increase access to educational technology for instructors and students in the College of Arts & Sciences. The primary roles of the Advisory Board are to help improve communication of ASSETT resources to faculty and students, provide advice regarding new initiatives that ASSETT might undertake, and work in coordination with OIT to strategize the potential use of ASSETT funds. The ASSETT fee revenue is held in a special account that is administered “under the supervision of the Dean of Arts & Sciences, and in consultation with an advisory committee named by the Dean and composed of faculty, graduate student representatives, and undergraduate student representatives.”

Membership: The Advisory Board shall consist of (1) two faculty representatives from each of the three divisions in the College of Arts & Sciences: Arts & Humanities, Natural Sciences, and Social Sciences, (2) at least one undergraduate student per division, and (3) at least one at large graduate student. All members serve staggered two-year terms, and membership may be renewed for additional two-year terms. Any faculty member shall be eligible to serve as Advisory Board Chair after serving an initial two-year term. The Chair shall serve a two-year term following election by the board members. The ASSETT Faculty Advisor and two members of the OIT management team (the Associate Director of Academic Technology, Strategy and Support and the Director of Academic and Campus Technology, Communications and Support) will serve as ex-officio members.

Responsibilities: The Dean will appoint an Associate Dean to steward the use of the ASSETT fee, and the Associate Dean will convene the Advisory Board for the following purposes:

  • Consult and advise regarding strategic and budget planning, program priorities and outcomes for the ASSETT unit housed in OIT.
  • Counsel the associate dean about the application of any surplus revenues to the ASSETT unit in OIT and/or to other College initiatives around teaching, learning and technology.
  • Recommend new activities to improve ASSETT for faculty and students.
  • Design any future ASSETT award programs, as surplus funds allow, and contribute to the award process by reviewing proposals, helping select projects to fund and receiving reports on outcomes.
  • Collaborate with ASSETT leadership to recruit and recommend faculty to serve as the Faculty Fellows.

Meetings: The Board will ordinarily convene three times per academic year: e.g.,. typically, September, January, and March . The January meeting will be an open house to showcase ASSETT accomplishments, services, and programs. All board members are expected to attend. The purpose of the meetings shall be for the Board, the ASSETT Faculty Advisor, and the OIT management team to discuss the current state of and future visions for ASSETT. The ASSETT Faculty Advisor shall present the status of ASSETT programs and events. The March meeting will include a budget presentation from OIT and budget planning for the next academic year. New approaches to enhancing and improving the activities of ASSETT shall be considered at each meeting.

  • Develop and periodically review ASSETT’s strategies, goals and annual as well as multiyear objectives
  • Ensure that  ASSETT’s strategies, goals and annual and multiyear objectives are in keeping with the mission of the program as proposed in the Spring 2008 fee proposal.
  • Assess the effectiveness of ASSETT’s activities in meeting its mission.
  • Assume fiduciary responsibility for ASSETT’s expenditure of student fees and in that role set an annual budget and require that the Director report at regular intervals on expenses relative to the approved budget.
  • Ensure that administrative expenses are reasonable and necessary to ASSETT’s mission.
  • Ensure that staff are well qualified and receive adequate opportunities for professional development.
  • Provide for leadership continuity and plan for transitions.
  • Review the Director’s performance annually.
  • Ensure that feedback on the needs of the College faculty related to ASSETT’s mission is gathered at least annually.
  • Ensure that the Director prepares and distributes a report on ASSETT’s activities annually
  • Seek diversity and inclusiveness in board appointments and hiring practices.
  • Ensure transparency in ASSETT’s activities and the delivery of services.
  • Collaborate in building relationships and developing opportunities within the College and with other units on campus.
  • Conduct at least two in-person meetings annually, one of which should be in the fall semester and the other late in the spring semester. The fall semester meeting should include a review of the challenges and accomplishments of the previous year, and the spring semester meeting should include a report from the Director, discussion and approval of the plans for the coming year, setting the budget for the coming year, and reviewing the performance of the Director.



The advisory board includes:

  • Two faculty members from each Arts & Sciences division: Arts & Humanities, Natural Sciences, and Social Sciences
  • At least one undergraduate student from each Arts & Sciences division
  • At least one graduate student member at large
  • An associate dean who convenes the board (currently David Brown, Divisional Dean of Social Sciences)
  • The ASSETT Faculty Director who serves ex officio.

Name Title Department Term
Janet Casagrand* Senior Instructor Integrated Physiology 2017– 
Carson Ebersbach Undergraduate Student Environmental Studies 2022– 
Macy Gantner Undergraduate Student Ecology & Evolutionary Biology 2022–
Berit Jany Associate Teaching Professor German and Slavic Languages and Literatures 2022–
Nicole Jobin Teaching Associate Professor Stories and Societies Residential Academic Program 2022–
Rebecca Lee Graduate Student Linguistics 2022– 
Jennifer Lewon Lecturer Speech, Language & Hearing Sciences 2017– 
Deepti Misri Associate Professor Women and Gender Studies 2022–
Alejandro Perdomo-Pino Undergraduate Student Environmental Studies 2022–
Sebastian Schmidt Associate Professor Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences 2019– 
Olivia Stock Undergraduate Student Speech, Language & Hearing Sciences 2022–

*Janet Casagrand is the Chair of the Advisory Board

Name Role Department Term
Nathaniel Bala Undergraduate Student Theatre & Dance 2018–20
Rachel Bowyer Graduate Student Astrophysical & Planetary Sciences 2021–22
David Brown Convener Division of Social Sciences 2018–22
Kira Hall Professor Linguistics & Anthropology 2019–21
Leila Gómez Associate Professor Spanish & Portuguese 2019–21
Vilha Hulden Instructor History 2019–22
Aisha Jackson Director (Ex Officio Member) Office of Information Technology 2016–22
Sabrina Kainz Undergraduate Student Geology 2019–20
Kavya Kannan Undergraduate Student Economics 2019–20
Beth Osnes Faculty Advisor (Ex Officio Member) Theatre & Dance 2019–22
Sarah Sokhey Associate Professor Political Science 2019–21
Mark Werner Associate Director (Ex Officio Member) Office of Information Technology 2016–21
Carew Boulding Faculty Representative Political Science 2018–19
Andrew Martin Faculty Advisor Ecology and Evolutionary Biology 2016–19
Laura Olson Osterman Faculty Representative Germanic and Slavic Languages & Literatures 2016–19
Jill Litt Faculty Representative Environmental Studies 2018
Kyle McJunkin Convener College of Arts & Sciences 2017–18
Margaret Asirvatham Faculty Representative Chemistry 2012–17
Daryl Maeda Faculty Representative Ethnic Studies 2015–17
Irene Blair Faculty Representative Psychology 2015–16
Elspeth Dusinberre Faculty Representative Classics 2014–16
Cheryl Higashida Faculty Representative English 2011–16
Robin Bernstein Faculty Representative Anthropology 2013–15
Lew Harvey Faculty Representative Psychology 2008–15
Cecilia Pang Faculty Representative Theatre & Dance 2013–15
Jennifer Wolak Faculty Representative Political Science 2011–15
Douglas Duncan Faculty Representative Astronomy & Planetary Science 2011–14
Michael Radelet Faculty Representative Sociology 2012–14
John Martin Ackerman Faculty Representative Program for Writing & Rhetoric 2012–13
Kirstyn Leuner Faculty Representative English 2012–13
Eric Stade Faculty Representative Mathematics 2011–13
Kathryn Arehart Faculty Representative Speech, Language & Hearing Sciences 2008–12
Linnea Avallone Faculty Representative Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics 2008–12
Michael Dubson Faculty Representative Physics 2011–12
Lori Emerson Faculty Representative English 2009–12
Horst Mewes Faculty Representative Political Science 2011–12
Noah Finkelstein Faculty Representative Physics 2009–11
Anna Hasenfratz Faculty Representative Physics 2011
Ed Rivers Faculty Representative English 2008–11
E. Scott Adler Faculty Representative Political Science 2008–10
Anne Dougherty Faculty Representative Applied Mathematics 2008–10
Kira Hall Faculty Representative Linguistics 2009–10
Mary Klages Faculty Representative English 2009
Noel Lenski Faculty Representative Classics 2008–09

Name Role Department Term
Jashodhara Sen Graduate Representative Theatre & Dance 2019–20
Anthony Pidanick Undergraduate Representative Psychology 2018–19
Lakshmi Lalchandani Graduate Representative Psychology 2017–19
Dorothy Eissenberg Undergraduate Representative Political Science 2017–18
Alma Hinojosa Undergraduate Representative English 2017–18
Taylor Marino Undergraduate Representative Ecology and Evolutionary Biology 2017
Amedee Marchand Martella Undergraduate Representative Ecology and Evolutionary Biology 2016
Nico Hernandez Charpak Graduate Representative Physics 2015–16
Jessica Barnes Undergraduate Representative Ecology and Evolutionary Biology 2015
Richard Bender Graduate Representative Anthropology 2011–15
Michael Benton Undergraduate Representative History 2015
Ciera Catalano Undergraduate Representative Psychology 2015
Elisabeth Anne Collins Undergraduate Representative Molecular, Cellular & Developmental Biology 2015
Samantha Williams Undergraduate Representative Classics 2013–15
Pippa Bancroft Blau Undergraduate Representative Sociology 2014
Catherine Bogart Undergraduate Representative Communications 2014
Jeremy Bonnell Undergraduate Representative Environmental Studies 2013–14
Keegan McCaffrey Undergraduate Representative Ecology and Evolutionary Biology 2013–14
Moriah Mendicino Undergraduate Representative Communications 2013–14
Alexis Scobie Undergraduate Representative Political Science 2013–14
David Zimmerman Undergraduate Representative Art & Art History 2014
Julie Byle Undergraduate Representative Ecology and Evolutionary Biology 2012–13
Nicole Castagneri Undergraduate Representative Communications 2013
Allison Kenney Undergraduate Representative Anthropology 2013
Haley Midzor Undergraduate Representative Business 2013
Martin Miramontes Undergraduate Representative Economics 2013
Ashley Sanks Undergraduate Representative Political Science 2012–13
Logan Singletary Undergraduate Representative Anthropology 2012–13
Ashley Basta Undergraduate Representative Humanities 2011–12
Brandon Brunetti Undergraduate Representative Physics 2011–12
Michael Bostwick Undergraduate Representative Astrophysical & Planetary Sciences 2011
Morgan Seamont Undergraduate Representative Anthropology 2008–10
Jeffrey Tran Undergraduate Representative Accounting 2008–10
Rory Desmond Undergraduate Representative Political Science 2009
Britton Zwack Undergraduate Representative Political Science 2009
Patrick Delaurie Undergraduate Representative   2008
Amanda Porter Undergraduate Representative Psychology 2008
Darin Tooey Undergraduate Representative Ethnic Studies 2008
Evy Valencia Undergraduate Representative   2008