********The workshop is now fully booked, and our waiting list is quite long. You are welcome to sign up on the waiting list, but at this point it is unlikely a spot will open up for you.********

The registration fee is $600 for individuals with an academic appointment due by January 24th, 2023, and $1000 for individuals with non-academic positions. This fee is payable at the time of registration using a credit card at the Eventbrite website: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/2023-int-workshop-on-statistical-genetic-methods-for-human-complex-traits-registration-444795032917

The ​academic registration ​fee ​is ​$600.00 ​until ​January ​24th, ​2023. ​After ​January ​24th, ​2023 ​the ​fee ​increases ​to ​$700.00. ​Ticket sales end ​February ​26th, ​2023.

​A ​$30 ​refund ​processing ​fee ​will ​be ​charged ​on ​any ​refunds ​made; and ​the ​registration ​fee ​is ​not ​refundable ​after ​February ​14th, ​2023. ​

The ​registration ​fees ​will ​cover ​workshop ​attendance, ​breakfast ​and ​lunches ​throughout ​the ​week ​(Monday-Friday), ​hosted ​receptions, ​and ​a ​gift ​bag ​with ​information ​on ​the ​workshop ​and ​Boulder. ​

Please ​contact ​the ​Workshop ​Coordinator ​by ​emailing ibgworkshop@colorado.edu ​or phone at 303-735-8490 if ​you ​need ​additional ​event ​information.