The role of a supervisor is to lead people, facilitate employees’ professional goals, and provide support and training. Human Resources supervisor development tracks provide the knowledge and skills for supervisors to be effective in their roles and encourage them to complete recommended training. Supervisors are invited to explore the three learning journeys and identify the professional development opportunities best suited for them. Please keep in mind, none of these courses are required. They are suggestions for any supervisors looking for guidance.

Everyone should start with Learning Journey 1. If you are a new supervisor, new to CU Boulder, or an established supervisor, there are trainings applicable to you in Learning Journey 1.

If you have completed all of the courses in Learning Journey 1, feel free to move to Learning Journey 2. If you have taken all the courses in 2, move to 3.

You do not need to take the courses listed under each Journey in a specific order. You may take the trainings in any order you wish. We recommend you register for the trainings that would be the most timely and applicable for your role and department.