Graduate Teacher Program

The Graduate Teacher Program is a division of the Graduate School at the University of Colorado Boulder that helps graduate students perform effectively as graduate teaching assistants (TAs) and graduate part-time instructors (GPTIs), while at the same time helping them develop skills to serve in the professoriate once they attain their graduate degrees. The program offers specialized workshops in grant proposal writing, resume/CV preparation, public speaking, job interview assistance, research misconduct, and professional career opportunities.We also help masters and doctoral students transition to careers in the business, government, and nonprofit sectors. Because teaching preparation is preparation for any career—organization, planning, presenting, evaluating, and working in teams are essential skills for managers in any setting—research assistants, students on fellowships, and self-supporting students are encouraged to participate in Graduate Teacher Program activities.


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Spring Conference/ COPFFN

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Goals, Projects, and Activities


As a unit of the Graduate School, our vision is to serve as an exceptional graduate and professional student development program.



Our mission is to achieve excellence and inclusion through the support of graduate students as college and university educators, researchers, and leaders, and prepare them for future academic and professional careers in the public or private spheres.



Our goal is to encourage graduate students to embrace teaching as an intellectual and inclusive act and to pursue their personal and professional development through participation in the program.



Graduate students at CU Boulder will:

  • Interact with a community of scholars made up of faculty, undergraduate students, graduate students, and staff from their own and from other departments and campuses;
  • Learn to work with diverse populations in diverse postsecondary and other work environments;
  • Model and foster integrity and fairness;
  • Develop advising, mentoring, and classroom management skills;
  • Attend to their skill development in teaching, research, service, and professional development;
  • Explore and learn to use effective learning technologies and evidence-based instruction.

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Training Events

  • Fall Intensive

  • Spring Conference

  • The COPFFN Forum

  • Lead Network Training

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  • Monday Workshops

  • TIGER Workshops

  • Friday Forums

  • The Inclusive Classroom

  • Special Workshops

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One-on-One Consultation

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