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Recruitment Process

Recruitment of non-tenure track faculty will be administered by the dean's office. 
Full-time Instructors, Sr. Instructors, Scholars-in-Residence, and Artists-in-Residence:
The letter of offer process follows that required in the hire of tenure or tenure-track faculty  
outlined in Section I, with the exception of offer letter package materials. Required offer letter package materials for full-time, non-tenure-track faculty include the following:

These appointments are reported on the monthly Chancellor's Delegation Report. Completed offer letters received in the Office of Faculty Affairs by the 21st of the month will be included on that month’s delegation report. Campus liaisons are notified by the Office of Faculty Affairs following approval by the Chancellor.
Part-time Instructors, Sr. Instructors, Scholars-in-Residence, and Artists in Residents, Part-time and Full-time Lecturers, Adjuncts, Adjoints:
The letter of offer process is managed entirely within the dean's office for the appointments.  Offer letters for these appointments should be maintained within the faculty personnel files for the college or school. 
The offer letter package for these appointments should contain the following materials:

The Office of Faculty Affairs has implemented an audit process for these appointments which may be applied once or twice a year to ensure that the campus is following established practices for offer letters.