What's special about our EVEN program?

Teacher excellence
A multidisciplinary collaboration
Excellent balance research-education
A broad array of environmental topics
Hands on learning


Undergraduate independent research
Accredited by the Engineering Accreditation     Commission of ABET, http://www.abet.org
Ranked 7th amoung public institutions
The 2nd largest EVEN program in the USA
Campus environmental consciousness


Our EVEN program at CU-Boulder currently has more than 200 students, making it one of the largest undergraduate EVEN degree program in the US.

EVEN program was also recently ranked 7th among public institutions and 11th among all engineering/environmental Health undergraduate programs by the US News and World Report (Best Colleges 2018). Overall, the CU-Boulder's Undergraduate Engineering program comes in at 16h among public institutions (whose highest degree is a doctorate), 30th overall.

At the University of Colorado at Boulder you will be surrounded by a campus-wide environmental consciousness. CU-Boulder ranks "gold" in national assessment of environmental leadership in September 2014. 

The EVEN program at CU offers several unique opportunities and capabilities that can improve your educational experience. Our program has an excellent balance of research and educational efforts. This balance is particularly beneficial for undergraduate students as we have numerous outstanding classroom teachers evidenced by the fact that our faculty have won national teaching awards. The EVEN program embraces hands-on learning opportunities including College-wide initiatives such as the Integrated Teaching and Learning Program. This includes hands-on learning modules in courses such as thermodynamics and fluid mechanics.

Undergraduate students also have the opportunity to interact with faculty on a one-on-one basis through discovery-based learning experiences including research. About 20% of all EVEN students participate in independent research while they are students. These research activities can be paid positions, for course credit (such as a senior thesis), or on a voluntary basis. Other students assist the EVEN program as paid Earn-Learn apprentices.

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