The College of Engineering and Applied Science offers numerous certificate and minor programs which can complement your degree in Environmental Engineering:

  • Certificate in Engineering Science and Society: This program considers the question: “How can the increasingly vast powers of science be guided toward the solution of human problems and kept from aggravating them.”  Students are guided toward courses that will help them identify and become engaged in the ethical and policy issues, and the risks as well as the benefits of engineering, applied science and technology.
  • Engineering Management Minor, Engineering Entrepreneurship Certificate and Engineering Management Certificate: Students take courses in engineering management, business plan preparation, finance, economics, and marketing.
  • Global Engineering Minor: Designed to expand your understanding of how to operate within an international context from an engineering perspective and to understand the impact of engineering solutions in a global, economic, environmental, and societal context. This translates to the capacity to work in an international team from within an office located domestically or internationally. 
  • Energy Engineering Minor: The CU Energy Engineering Minor aims to prepare students with the background and tools to be leaders in energy technology, policy and research.  The minor requirements consist of a selection of technical energy courses, an energy policy course, and an interdisciplinary projects course, which is comprised of students who are enrolled in the energy engineering minor, and is focused on the design and analysis of energy technologies from a technical, economic and policy perspective.
  • Engineering Leadership Program: Students have an opportunity to pursue leadership courses and experiences.

Other certificate and minor programs are available across campus, in many different disciplines. Some minors particularly compatible with the EVEN BS degree are:

The Academic Advisor can provide more details on how these minors fit with the EVEN degree requirements.

Additional Minors and Certificates are also available in the College of Engineering and Applied Science. Minors are also offered through the College of Arts and Sciences and the Leeds School of Business

Minors typically require 18-33 credits in the discipline, including some specific coursework.