Julia Witteman"Environmental engineering fosters a collaborative environment where I feel that my professors, academic advisors, and mentors are all deeply invested in my success. There are many opportunities to engage in research in this department."

Julia Witteman, EVEN undergraduate student, Air Quality Specialization.


As an undergraduate student in the Environmental Engineering Program, you can take your academic experience to the next level by participating in innovative research under the expert guidance of our faculty and graduate students. With a small student-to-professor ratio, our undergraduate students have the chance to sharpen their skills and enhance their knowledge as they work on innovation research projects that can have global implications.

Undergraduate engineering students in the Discovery Learning Apprenticeship Program earn hourly wages while engaging in research with college faculty and graduate students. Students learn hands-on techniques, gain insight to a field of study, and learn life skills such as time management, flexibility and how to be part of a team. Positions are announced in early April and applications are accepted in late April for apprenticeships during the following academic year.

For more information, please contact Sharon Anderson, Extracurricular Programs Manager: email or call at 303-492-4404

2019 Discovery Learning Research Symposium EVEN Awardee: Selena Hinojos


Selena Hinojos