The Research & Evaluation Methodology (REM) program offers the opportunity to combine substantive interests in education while learning quantitative social science research methods. Our students learn the skills needed to use  quantitative and mixed methods to better understand the effects of policies, programs, and practices that aim to facilitate learning and mitigate educational inequality. You will learn not only how to apply a methodological approach, but to think deeply about when and why the approach is sensible given a particular context. Learning how to conduct high-quality quantitative research, however, is just one piece of the puzzle; communicating your findings with clarity is another. As a REM student, you will develop the ability to convey results from complicated studies for education practitioners, policy makers, the general public, as well as academic peers.

A spirit of critical inquiry is a defining feature of our community. When claims are made—by students or faculty—the expectation is that those claims will be supported by evidence. Our faculty strive to foster an environment that is both a supportive learning environment and intellectually challenging.  During our weekly REM seminar, you have the opportunity to interact with invited speakers, discuss timely research, share ideas for papers, and practice giving presentations. Collaboration between students and faculty is the norm, not the exception. We teach courses and mentor students with the same commitment and dedication that is evident in our scholarly research. You can expect to receive continuous support as you embark on a path that begins with coursework, transitions to the dissertation, and culminates in a job that fulfills your career aspirations.

What can you do if you study Research & Evaluation Methodology?

Our graduates move in to careers in university teaching and research; research, evaluation, and testing in state departments of education and large school districts; research and policy analysis for think tanks like the RAND Corporation, SRI International, and federally funded regional research and development laboratories; measurement or statistical analysis for assessment and testing organizations such as the Center for Assessment and the Educational Testing Service; and consultation for government and education agencies.

For more details on the REM Program, please see the REM Handbook.

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