The Learning Sciences & Human Development program emphasis takes an interdisciplinary approach to studying learning, teaching, and development. We focus our attention in schools and in out-of-school contexts. Our research examines and reaches across multiple scales of social action – from the study of interactions between two learners, the organization of community practices, and policy design and implementation. Our program is on the leading edge of the field in its theoretical, practical, and methodological explorations of issues of social justice, power, and culture in learning. Working with school and community partners is a key component of the approach we take to understanding educational problems, designing promising solutions, and studying their implementation and effects.

What can you do if you study Learning Sciences and Human Development?

Our graduates develop understanding of learning, teaching, and the role of research in promoting equitable participation and social justice. They go on to become tenure-track faculty at research universities, administrators in large school districts, executive leaders in non-profit organizations, and expert researchers for evaluation and policy analysis firms.

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