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Major in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology - Bachelor of Arts (BA)
Double Major with EBIO
BA/MA in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology


Ecology and Evolutionary Biology - Bachelor of Arts (BA)

The EBIO department offers courses built around core science competency skills and the foundational concepts in biology. Students with a BA in EBIO find jobs in industry, government, and academic institutions across a diverse spectrum of disciplines (see student outcomes). The undergraduate program in ecology and evolutionary biology offers a highly interactive, intellectual environment that prepares students for a career in the natural sciences.

Our program was specifically designed for students who are interested in a broad exposure to the concepts and methodologies of the biological sciences, as well as those interested in a more specific sub-discipline.  We offer a broad range of learning opportunities, including traditional classroom experiences, field and laboratory research opportunities, and independent study.

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Double Major

Many students in the EBIO Department pursue double majors, between departments and interests. The flexibility and widespread application of the EBIO curriculum makes it a conducive major to combine with other degree programs at CU Boulder. Common combinations include a joint-degree combining an EBIO major with an Environmental Studies (ENVS), Anthropology, or Economics degree. (Add live data here) Work with an advisor early in your time here at CU to best fulfill requirements for a diverse range of programs, and overlap your studies in innovative and collaborative ways. 

Concurrent Degree Program 

BA/MA in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology 

A combined bachelor's (BA) and master's (MA) degree with thesis is offered for highly motivated undergraduate students. The BA/MA program allows students to take advanced courses at an accelerated pace, engage in an independent research project and obtain both degrees in five years. In addition to preparing graduates for additional graduate study or medical school, the program is expected to position them for employment in areas such as environmental consulting, teaching at the high school or community college level or by businesses with an environmental or biomedical emphasis. Applications from sophomores and juniors for the BA/MA degree are considered on a competitive basis. Applicants must have an overall GPA of 3.00 or higher in the EBIO major and the support of a faculty research advisor. Applications are available from the EBIO graduate coordinator, and are due on October 15 and March 15.

Candidates for this degree must complete all college core requirements by the end of the senior year. To be awarded both BA and MA degrees, a student must maintain a GPA of 3.00 or better and complete at least 144 credit hours. The BA/MA program requires 24 hours of graduate credit at the 5000-level or above and 4–6 hours of thesis credit. In addition to writing a thesis based on original research, students are examined by their thesis committee in the fifth year on general knowledge in ecology and/or evolutionary biology. The final examination consists of a defense of the thesis before the committee; it should be scheduled by the end of the fifth year.

Students interested in this program are encouraged to consult with the EBIO associate chair for graduate studies early in their undergraduate career. No financial support is available from the department for students enrolled in this program.


Minor in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology 

Declaration of a minor in EBIO is open to any student enrolled at CU-Boulder regardless of college or school. The EBIO Minor can provide an overview of biological concepts, awareness of the principles of evolution, and/or statistics skills that can be applied to a diverse range of interests and fields. To complete an EBIO minor, students must take 20 hours in EBIO (9 must be upper division).

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