Please refer to this page regularly for updated information. Positions not already outlined below are posted directly to CU's internal job board and/or the external CU Careers website

Current opportunity:

Learning Assistant for EBIO 4290 Phylogenetics and Comparative Biology in Spring 2024

Description: Learning Assistants support students with lab activities, class projects, and writing assignments. Each LA will work in a minimum of one lab section, and during the lab section, will help with lab set-up and clean-up, answer student questions, troubleshoot experiments, explain core concepts, and help to teach key skills.  

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Attend weekly prep meetings
  • Attend one (or more) lab sections
  • Provide one-on-one student support by appointment
  • Assist student learning as directed by the laboratory TA

Required Qualifications

  • Must have previously taken EBIO 4290
  • Must be comfortable with interacting with other students in a professional and supportive manner
  • Must be willing to receive training in teaching and learning to prepare for the lab
  • Must be available during one or more lab sessions during the fall semester (Thursday 2:00-4:15pm, and Friday 9:05-11:55 am).

Preferred Qualifications

  • Previous experience working in a classroom or laboratory setting
  • Previous experience with google docs/sheets as well as Excel

To apply for this position, please email a letter of interest to by January 20th.  Dr. Smith will make a hiring decision by January 23rd. 

Time commitment: 4-10 hours per week during the Spring 2023 semester, with the number of hours depending on the number of lab sections assigned.

Pay: $18/hr


EBIO hires temporary faculty in the Lecturer job code when a regularly assigned courses faculty member is on sabbatical or other leave. Key responsibilities will be teaching in person, online, or a combination thereof. Compensation for Lecturers in EBIO is determined by the College of Arts and Sciences Level C policy, as stated here. If you are interested in lecturing for EBIO, please send Kristina Schauer your resume and indicate which EBIO course(s) you would like to be considered for. 


During the academic year, EBIO hires CU students as Graders when a regularly assigned courses faculty member petitions the department for grader support and receives funding approval. We require that you have taken the course, or an equivalent, in order to grade for the intended course. Grader pay is calculated according to the estimated total number of hours the faculty lead calculates for the semester, times $15/hour for an undergraduate grader or times $25/hour for a graduate grader. As such, total compensation varies between courses according to the total hours anticipated (currently ranging between 20 and 300 hours for the semester). If you are interested in grading for EBIO courses, please send a brief one-page resume of experience, including all EBIO courses completed, to Kristina.Schauer.  

Student Hourly

Many labs in EBIO hire student hourly employees throughout the year. Key responsibilities and hiring ranges follow the Office of Student Employment policy, as stated here. If you are a CU student and interested in working in a lab, please contact the Professor of the lab you are interested in joining.