The EBIO Writing Lab is open EBIO majors, or CU students enrolled EBIO classes. EBIO's writing instructors will help you improve your written lab report, research proposal, essay, or other EBIO writing assignment.  If you’re an EBIO major, we can even assist you with writing an Honors Thesis, a chapter in doctoral dissertation, master's thesis, or journal article.

How We Can Help You

An EBIO writing instructor will meet with you and help you improve your scientific writing skills.

  • Tackle procrastination and write efficiently
  • Analyze and revise your own work
  • Improve your writing’s structure, organization, and effectiveness
  • Know what scientists call primary and secondary information sources
  • Understand correct sourcing, citing, and referencing
  • Communicate your scientific content more accurately and eloquently

What We Can Talk About With You

Come in with a printout of your current draft (if you have one), and your ideas concerning:

  • Audience for the assignment
  • Goals
  • Timeline
  • Ideas about what is working well and what is giving you trouble
  • Specific things we should focus on when we meet (depending on your assignment’s length)

Let's Get Started!

If you need help planning a draft, revising a paragraph or two, negotiating an ongoing grammatical concerns, or making a suggested revision, we can connect in the Writing Lab's walk-in hours (for Fall 2019): 12-3:30 PM Tuesday and Thursday. Please remember that students who walk-in without an appointment may be bumped for students who made an appointment.

In Fall 2019, 30-minute appointments for Monday, Wednesday and Friday can always be scheduled on request. When you meet with us in the Lab, we can get more in-depth with helping you to manage your writing process, and to let you find ways to produce better writing. You can request an appointment by emailing Stephanie Renfrow (Stephanie.Renfrow@Colorado.EDU) and/or Harrison Carpenter (Harrison.Carpenter@Colorado.EDU). In your email, include the following information:

  • Your name 
  • The writing project you would like to discuss 
  • Several “best days and times” for us to meet
  • Any other information you think will help us understand your project