The Places to See Fossils in Colorado poster features a map of Colorado color-coded to represent the respective geologic ages of rocks throughout the state (See the “Key to Ages of Colorado Rocks” in the lower right hand corner). The photos of fossils on the left hand side of the poster are also color-coded and keyed to the geologic ages during which the organisms pictured were present in the state (e. g. the Brontothere and Elm Leaf of the Cenozoic Era are shown against the yellow background, the Triceratops Skull and Ammonite of the Mesozoic Era are shown against the green background, etc.).  The numbered locations on the map represent museums and sites in Colorado that feature fossils. Those museums and sites are listed on the right hand side of the poster.

The fossils on this poster are from the University of Colorado Museum Paleontology collection. We recommend visiting the Museum’s Paleontology Hall in Boulder, CO to see some of these and many more great fossils.

Download “Places to See Fossils in Colorado” poster and guide.