Track I: Greek and/or Latin Language and Literature

The major in Greek and/or Latin Language and Literature provides in-depth investigation and understanding of classical texts.  You need to take:

At least 18 credits must be upper-division, and you must maintain at least a 2.0 GPA.

Approved courses are:

  • All GREK courses (Greek)
  • All LATN courses (Latin)
  • All CLAS courses (Literature, Culture, Thought; Ancient History; Art & Archaeology; Honors Thesis)
  • All classes a student takes in another department that are cross-listed with CLAS
  • ARTH 4929 and 4939, when taught in conjunction as an Art Museums Internships course
  • PHIL 3000

If you are taking a different class in another department that you think might pertain to your Classics major and wish to have count toward the major in place of one of the approved courses listed above, please bring that course to the attention of the Associate Chair for Undergraduate Studies in Classics. Substitutions may be possible!

Please note:

  • You should designate either Greek or Latin as your primary language. Only courses above the first year (GREK 1013-1023, LATN 1014-1024) count toward the major in that language. The second language will start counting toward the major right away. If you took enough language in high school to start in the department at the 2000-level or higher, all language classes will count.
  • Any additional Greek or Latin classes you take beyond the required number of credits will count toward the major instead of any other requirements.
  • If you wish to pursue graduate work in Classics/Ancient History/Classical Art & Archaeology, you should plan on taking both Greek and Latin. Please talk to one or more faculty members for specific advice in tailoring your undergraduate major to help you best achieve your future goals!
  • Once you begin taking upper-division classes in Greek and/or Latin (3000- or 4000-level), you may not return to take lower-division classes in that language.​

For more information about CU-Boulder requirements and the Classics Major, please click here.

Ancient classical manuscript Latin Codax