Minoring in Classics

A Classics minor offers you enormous flexibility. You need to take:

  • at least 18 credits, including at least 9 upper-division credits,
  • and maintain at least a 2.0 GPA,
  • in any Classics courses, or any of a number of additional approved courses (see below)

You may explore the great variety of the Classical world or really focus on one or more aspects of it that ignite your curiosity and love.

Here are our current and upcoming course schedules

Approved courses are:

If you are taking a different class in another department that you think might pertain to your Classics minor and wish to have count toward the minor in place of one of the approved courses listed above, please bring that course to the attention of the Associate Chair for Undergraduate Studies in Classics. Substitutions may be possible!

Please note:

  • Once you begin taking upper-division classes in Greek and/or Latin (3000- or 4000-level), you may not return to take lower-division classes in that language.