Majoring in Classics

Classics, the study of people who lived around the Mediterranean Sea in ancient times (Rome, Greece, Egypt, Mesopotamia), is the most versatile of majors, one that can lead in many different directions. Read what the Princeton Review has to say — here is your chance to add breadth and enjoyment to your education and life! At CU-Boulder you will choose between either of two tracks in the major. When you graduate, your diploma will simply state “Classics” without indicating which track you pursued.

You need to take

  •  at least 36 credits, including at least 18 upper-division credits,
  •  and maintain at least a 2.0 GPA,
  •  in Classics courses, or any of a number of additional approved courses (see below)

Here are our current and upcoming course schedules

Major Requirements

There are two different tracks: 

Please note that you are also subject to the College of Arts & Sciences degree and major requirements outlined in the university catalog. These college requirements include:

  • 120 hours passed
    • Anything beyond 45 hours in the major field will not count toward this 120 hour total. If you pursue the Greek and/or Latin Language and Literature track, the introductory sequence of the primary language does not count towards the major but does count towards graduation.  
  • 45 hours of upper division credit in A&S
  • A minimum of 18 hours of upper division credit in the major
  • A minimum of 36 hours at C- or better in all courses for the major
  • 2.00 or better major GPA
  • 2.00 or better cumulative GPA

Students who enter CU with an already strong knowledge of Latin or Greek may be eligible to pursue a five-year Bachelor's/Accelerated Master's degree (BAM).  

The maidens of Acropolis gaze over the ancient city