Three advisors are responsible for Classics majors:

The Associate Chair for Undergraduate Studies, or faculty advisor, offers individualized advising for current and prospective Classics majors and minors.

A CU student giving a thumbs up sign at graduation Those wishing to declare a major or minor must schedule an initial meeting with the advisor, at which they fill out the necessary paperwork and receive a copy of the Undergraduate Guide to Classics, which gives an overview of our three major tracks and two minor tracks, our courses and our faculty. The faculty advisor holds regular office hours and is also available by email and by phone.

Those continuing in the major or minor are invited each semester to schedule an individual advising appointment, at which they review the requirements remaining for both their BA in the College of Arts and Sciences and their major or minor in Classics, select courses for the following semester, and, where possible, chart out their plans for the longer-range future.

Those within seven months of anticipated graduation with a Classics major or minor must schedule a meeting with the faculty advisor, at which they verify completion of the requirements for the major or minor in Classics. They must schedule a second meeting with Rick Seydel (303-492-7076) of the Department of Humanities, the primary academic advisor for Classics, to confirm their completion of the requirements for the BA. Students must apply for graduation on MyCUInfo by the following deadlines:

for May Commencement............. April 1

for August Commencement......... August 1 (Apply by April 1 in order to have your name printed in the Commencement program.)

for December Commencement.... November 1