Jennifer Ho, CHA Director

Transition. If one word characterized the Center for Humanities & the Arts in 2021-2022, it would be transition. The Center lost all its full-time staff by the end of March 2022, but we were aided by undergraduate and graduate part-time student workers, the faculty steering committee, the community advisory board, and Graduate School staff. Transition may be a word that emblematizes much of arts and humanities since our fields are in states of flux and fluidity, a strength since we never want to feel stale or stagnant. To that end, this new Annual Report model reflects the transition we are making to a leaner and more agile CHA, one that continues to emphasize the vitality of arts and humanities at CU Boulder and beyond!


Jennifer Ho, CHA Director

Student Support

The CHA provides campus-wide fellowships and highly competitive travel grants for graduate students working in the humanities and the arts. These fellowships and grants are used to recruit incoming students, provide support in completing doctoral dissertations, and aid in scholarly research by providing summer stipends and travel to conferences where they will present a paper or, for those in the arts, perform or display their work.


Fellowship Funding


Grant Funding


Scholarships Awarded


Fellowships Awarded

MFA/MM Excellence in Creative Research Microgrants

  • Brittney Banaei, Theatre and Dance
  • Laura Benson, Art and Art History
  • Jessica Bertram, Theatre and Dance
  • Caroline Butcher, Theatre and Dance
  • Andy DiLallo, Art and Art History

  • Dennis Doyle, Art and Art History
  • Samira Hemmat, Art and Art History
  • Amy Hoagland, Art and Art History
  • Madeline Job, Art and Art History
  • Elizabeth Langyher, Art and Art History

  • Alli Lemon, Art and Art History
  • Marsella Marcella, Art and Art History
  • Katie McColgan, Art and Art History
  • Cory McKague, Art and Art History
  • Kate Moore, Theatre and Dance

  • Jesus Munoz, Theatre and Dance
  • James Hoang Nguyen, Theatre and Dance
  • Cody Norton, Art and Art History
  • Molly Ott, Art and Art History
  • Anna Pillot, Theatre and Dance

Eaton Graduate Student Research Award

  • Nataña Aldana-Lowe, Art and Art History
  • Michelle Benedum, Political Science
  • Tiffany Beebe, History
  • Stephanie Couey, English
  • Allison Cawthon, Music Education
  • Chris Dunn, Environmental Studies

  • Amy Hoagland, Art and Art History
  • Derick Hughes, Philosophy
  • Heather Kelley, Theatre and Dance
  • Sasha De Koninck, Intermedia Art, Writing, and Performance
  • Russell Li, Classics

  • Andrew Pace, History
  • Lau Malaver, Ethnic Studies
  • Robert Pritchard, Spanish and Portuguese
  • Jacob West, Music
  • Sangje Zhaxi, Anthropology

CHA Student Fellowships

Incoming Graduate Student Fellows

  • Stefan Loos, Classics
  • Jessica Bertram, Dance

Summer Fellows

  • Caitrin Scarlett Engle, Anthropology
  • Erica Caasi, Education

Summer Fellows

  • Marcella Marsella, Art and Art History
  • Sangjie Zhaxi, Anthropology

Dissertation Fellows

  • Conny Cassity, English
  • Erich Riesen, Philosophy

Faculty Support


Funding Given


Grants Awarded


Fellowships Awarded

CHA Small Grants

The CHA Faculty Steering Committee recommended awarding a total of $69,083 in CHA Small Grants to fund 37 projects across 20 different departments at CU Boulder supporting research, creative work, special events, and virtual presentations by visiting scholars and artists.

Departments Supported: Anthropology, Art and Art History, Center for Asian Studies, Cinema Studies & Moving Image Arts, Composition, Education, English, French & Italian, Geography, Germanic & Slavic Languages & Literatures, History, Journalism, Musicology, Religious Studies, Spanish and Portuguese, Strings, Theatre & Dance, University Libraries, Voice, Women & Gender Studies

CHA Faculty Fellows

CHA’s Faculty Fellowship program offers CU Boulder faculty working in the arts and humanities opportunities to focus on their research through course releases/s. Faculty immerse themselves in projects, often seeing them to completion by the end of their fellowship and attend monthly meetings to connect and share strategies for writing and making work.

Hazel Barnes Flat in London

Hazel Barnes Flat - living roomThe Hazel Barnes Flat in the heart of London is a gift to scholars in the humanities and arts made by Hazel Barnes (1915-2008), the much-admired Professor of Philosophy at CU Boulder and founder of the Interdisciplinary Program in the Humanities. Since 2010, the flat has provided opportunities to conduct scholarly research in and around London to CU Boulder faculty and graduate students. Management of the flat has been entrusted to the CHA since its inception.



Total Visitors





CHA Events (Summer 2021 - Summer 2022)

  1. This virtual zoom workshop talked about the genre of fellowship writing, especially for faculty interested in applying for fellowships that grant faculty a semester (or more) free of teaching. Panelists included Christine Larson (Journalism) and Julia Staffel (Philosophy).

  2. This virtual panel and screening with video essayist Kevin B. Lee, whose work both demonstrates how one can use the arts, literature, theory, and history to offer an understanding of human experience.

    We screened Lee's video essays, including Mourning with Minari and Once Upon a Screen: Explosive Paradox. Afterward, Lee joined Professors Hyaeweol Choi, Jennifer Ho, and Corey Creekmur, and themoderator for the event, Teresa Mangum, to discuss his video essay on Minari and Asian American experience. The panelists considered the relationships among art, politics, and the uses of the video essay form to comment on and engage with current events, including traumatic events. 

  3. This virtual panel (featuring Alexandra Siegel, Assistant Professor of Political Science; Greg Gondwe, Assistant Professor of Journalism; and Toby Hopp, Associate Professor of Advertising, Public Relations and Media Design) examined the ways in which conspiracy theories have amplified in recent years, particularly since the 2020 election and throughout the course of the COVID-19 pandemic:  

    • Why are conspiracy theories so wildly popular in the age of social media? 
    • How do these conspiracy theories affect our lives, our media consumption, and our perceptions of our communities? 
  4. Does American pluralism also require a single-minded embrace of the idea of the liberal rights-bearing subject, or could we also imagine a pluralism built around political collectivities? It turns out that United States history has resources for considering group-based pluralism, in the form of American Indian nations. An imaginative return to the first formal American treaty points directly to the key elements in what we might read as an Indigenous Constitution, hiding in plain sight within the U.S. Constitution.

  5. Dr. Philip Deloria from Harvard University held a virtual workshop with CU Boulder graduate students to discuss the future of Ph.D programs and the ways in which programs can be renewed/revitalized to fit a changing world of academia.

  6. The Spring 2022 installment of the Difficult Dialogues series seeked to address what it means to make a mistake and then to repair the harm (unintentional or intentional) that happens when we make mistakes with our friends, peers, co-workers, family, or on social media. We sometimes use an expression that may be anti-trans, ableist, racially insensitive, sexist—sometimes without knowing or understanding. We may do things that cause others harm, and we don’t understand what’s happening until we get called out. So what do we do when we get called out? How do we rectify the harm and move forward?

  7. On Friday, January 28th, 2022, we hosted a virtual event connect with Sheila Brennan, Senior Program Officer from National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH), to learn about grants offered by the NEH Office of Digital Humanities. This event was held virtually on zoom.

  8. Friends of the Graduate School and host Dr. Jennifer Ho, Director of the Center for Humanities & the Arts and Professor of Ethnic Studies, held a virtual watch party on Wednesday, February 9th, 2022 at 4pm to cheer on our PhD competitors as they present their thesis in only 180 seconds.

    4 - 4:30pm: Opening remarks by Dr. Ho and some insight on her own thesis

    4:30 - 6pm: Watch the 3MT presentations together, virtually

    6 - 6:30pm: Discussion of presentations

  9. Folks connected with Front Range digital-curious scholars for a followup in-person meetup from our January 28th Virtual NEH Visit.

    Folks connected with fellow digital-curious humanities scholars from across the Front Range at this hosted lunch at CU Denver Inwoks Lab in Downtown Denver. Address was Lawrence Court and UC Denver Buildings, 1250 14th St #1300, Denver, CO 80202.

  10. The CHA held the second installment of the Cox Family Process Speaker Series via Zoom Webinar. This event will feature renowned filmmaker and video essayist Kevin B. Lee and his work “Transformers: the Premake.”

    The Cox Family Process Speaker Series annual programming seeks to bring renowned artists and scholars to CU Boulder each spring to speak about work that made them well-known in their fields of study and research.

  11. Thank you to everyone who joined us at Colorado Chautauqua for this in-person event showcasing resiliency through the creation of art as a response to gun violence in our local community. One Year Later: Reflections and Resiliency took place on Sunday, April 10th and featured the CHA's Humanities @ Home competition winners and community members.