March 16, 2022

Dear CU Boulder Community & Supporters of the CHA,

I began the March newsletter by saying “We are in a time of flux.” This has only become exacerbated in the last few days when I found out that Kat Lewis, our Program and Marketing Coordinator, will be leaving the CHA on March 30 for a wonderful career opportunity working in Adams County. This means that as of March 31, there will be no full time staff in the CHA—not even myself because I have a half time appointment (fun fact: I do teach and serve on committees in my home department, Ethnic Studies—which has surprised some who assumed I was full or ¾ time in the CHA). 

Wednesday, March 30 at 12:30pm MT is also the date/time of our Cox Family Process Speaker,  Kevin B. Lee, who will be discussing his film essay “Transformers: The Premake”—you can register for the event here. And on Sunday, April 10 at 6:30pm the CHA will be co-hosting an event with Chautauqua at the Chautauqua Community House in Boulder: “One Year Later: Reflections and Resilience after the Boulder Shooting,” which features the three award winners of our Humanities @Home competition. The event is free but ticketed, and you can find information here

Given the severe staff shortage in the CHA, we are also having to triage and re-arrange deadlines. The April 1 Small Grant deadline is cancelled; instead, we will have a June 1 Small Grant for any faculty who have summer research plans and/or who are planning ahead for the fall. We are not accepting applications for the Hazel Barnes Flat until Monday, May 2 (and we have approved all reservations through December 2022—we will also, moving forward, have an email account dedicated to the Hazel Barnes Flat—more on that in the future). We may not be able to hold a grant writing workshop in May as we normally do, and we may need help with organizing the Summer Accountability groups. In short, I’m trying to do my best to keep things running at the CHA without full time help. 

This will likely be the last mass communication I send out until we are able to find temporary help and/or until we are able to hire full-time staff. For now, I ask for your patience. In addition to my commitments at CU Boulder (teaching, service, leading the CHA), I am also the president of the Association for Asian American Studies and our annual meeting is happening in three weeks in Denver. I also am trying to write articles and lead anti-racism workshops and mentor students. I share this to help explain why I will likely be slow to respond to email, either that comes to my account or any of the CHA accounts because I receive between 75-100 email messages a day (granted, 1/3 are list serv subscriptions, but the rest are things I do have to read and/or respond to). Thank you for your support of the CHA and especially your support of the staff, students, faculty, and community members who are passionate about arts and humanities. Because as we believe at the Center for Humanities & the Arts: Arts and Humanities Give Meaning.


Dr. Jennifer Ho
Director, Center for the Humanities & the Arts