CHA Graduate Fellowships

The Center for Humanities & the Arts provides campus-wide fellowships for graduate students working in the humanities and the arts. These fellowships are used to recruit incoming students, provide support in completing doctoral dissertations and aid in scholarly research by providing summer stipends.

Eaton Graduate Student Travel Awards

The Center for Humanities & the Arts (CHA) is pleased to announce its semi-annual competition for graduate student travel awards.  Awards of $500 will be awarded on a competitive basis for graduate students working in the humanities and arts to support travel to conferences where they will present a paper or, for those in the arts, where the student will perform or display their work.

Hazel Barnes Flat

The Hazel Barnes Flat in the heart of London is a gift to scholars in the humanities and arts by Hazel Barnes (1915-2008), the much admired professor of Philosophy at CU-Boulder and founder of the Interdisciplinary Program in the Humanities. Her will stipulates that the flat be made available to faculty and graduate students in the humanities and the arts and that its operation be entrusted to the Center for Humanities & the Arts and its Director.

Doctoral Consortium in Literatures & Cultures

This consortium is an innovative effort to maximize the benefits of intellectual and administrative collaboration while granting participating programs autonomy in their pursuit of excellence.