The Center for Humanities & the Arts offers multiple funding and recognition opportunities for CU Boulder faculty engaged with research in arts and humanities.


Faculty Fellowship: All Assistant, Associate, and Full Professors working in the humanities and the arts on the Boulder campus are eligible to apply for the CHA Faculty Fellowship. Fellowships consist of a teaching reduction taken in a single semester, and a cohort of colleagues to discuss research projects and professional topics.

Reparative Faculty Fellowship to Address Settler Colonialism: A Faculty Fellowship to engage in the repair process—because we believe that the acknowledgment of Indigenous land should come with reparations. To that end, we have created a faculty fellowship to address the harm of settler colonialism. 

Meet the CHA Faculty Fellows!

Travel & Research Support

Small Grant Program: The CHA Small Grant Program provides up to $3,000 in support of the research and creative efforts of CU Boulder faculty and staff to deepen and enrich the range of humanistic and artistic activities on campus. 

Celebration of Major Works Magazine: An online and printed annual publication, the Faculty Celebration of Major Works magazine is a celebration of faculty accomplishments in the previous year.

Hazel Barnes Flat: The Hazel Barnes Flat in the heart of London is a gift to scholars in the humanities and arts by Hazel Barnes and Doris Schwalbe for researchers doing scholarly work in Great Britain. 

DEADLINES Academic Year 2023-2024

FALL 2023

Faculty Fellowship 
October 1 

Reparative Faculty Fellowship to Address Settler Colonialism
October 1

Small Grant 
September 15 
November 1 

Faculty Celebration of Major Works Magazine 
December 15 

SPRING 2024 

Small Grant 
February 1 
April 8