The Center for Humanities & the Arts (CHA) offers campus-wide fellowships for graduate students working in the humanities and the arts.  CHA fellowships are used to recruit incoming students, provide support for JEDI scholars, and doctoral dissertations, aid in scholarly research by providing summer stipends, support creative research, and conference travel. 

CHA Graduate Student Fellows

Dissertation & Graduate Fellowships

Dissertation Completion Fellowship: The CHA offers two dissertation fellowships open to any CU Boulder PhD candidate working in the humanities and arts, campus-wide. The fellowship covers tuition for up to 5 dissertation hours per semester, mandatory student fees, student health insurance, and a stipend equal to that of a 50% Graduate Part-Time Instructor.

JEDI Completion Fellowship: The CHA offers the opportunity for master's- and doctorate-level graduate students working in the humanities and arts whose scholarly profile fits within CHA’s Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI) mission.

Summer Fellowship: CHA Summer Fellowships are designed for graduate students conducting research in the humanities and the arts who don't already receive university-sponsored or external funding (in any amount) during the summer months. The excellence of the project will be the main criterion for selection. 

Travel & Research Support

Engaged Arts and Humanities Scholars: This two-year program is for Graduate students in the arts, humanities, and other programs  who use the methods/archives of the arts and humanities in their scholarship. Participants will join a community of learners who focus on the co-design of mutually beneficial projects with partners outside of the university in  Colorado communities. 

Graduate Research Awards Demonstrating Excellence: GRADE is a semi-annual competition for graduate students working in the humanities and arts to support conference participation where students present a paper or perform or display their work for those in the arts. 

MFA/MM Excellence in Creative Research Microgrant: The MFA/MM Excellence in Creative Research Microgrants are designed to support the creative practice of CU Boulder MFA/MM students in need of support to purchase material, equipment, rental facilities, etc.

Hazel Barnes Flat: The Hazel Barnes Flat in London is intended for CU Boulder faculty and graduate students who are conducting academic and professional research in the fields of humanities and the arts in Great Britain.

DEADLINES Academic Year 2023-2024

FALL 2023

Graduate Research Awards Demonstrating Excellence
September 17

MFA/MM Excellence in Creative Research Award
November 5

 SPRING 2024

Dissertation Completion Fellowship
January 21

JEDI Completion Fellowship
January 21

Graduate Research Awards Demonstrating Excellence
February 4

MFA/MM Excellence in Creative Research Award
March 10 (extended)

Engaged Arts and Humanities Scholars
March 17

Summer Fellowships
March 17