CHA Graduate Fellows 2024-2025

A woman with black hair and glasses smiles against a city backdrop

Clara Hwayeon Lee

Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Fellow
Clara is a PhD candidate in the Anthropology Department at the University of Colorado Boulder. Her dissertation, “Refusing Empire through Care: Anti-Base Dissent in Soseongri, South Korea,” delves into the embodied, expressive, and often invisible forms of dissent adopted by the Korean peace movement in a rural mountainous village where the US military installed a missile defense base in 2017. Her research centers on the stories of people whose marginalized...
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Emma Piper-Burket

Dissertation Fellow
Critical Media Practices
My PhD dissertation research employs documentary, experimental, and narrative modes of cinema to explore ways of capturing climate change on film. As a practice-based dissertation, my work includes short film studies, a collection of essays, and works on paper that utilize handmade pigments made from rocks that I have found throughout Colorado and New Mexico. The films span diaristic essays informed by motherhood and climate precarity to less directly personal...
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Allan Tellis

Dissertation Fellow
Political Science
I am currently a doctoral candidate in my fourth year as a student in the Political Science Department. As a political theorist, I attempt to explore the relationship between power, liberty, and domination. I routinely argue that in order for liberty to be maximally enjoyed, power must be decentralized. I suggest that it is fundamentally the decentralization of power that disrupts the emergence of relationships of dependence, and thus, the...

Past CHA Graduate Student Fellows


Sharmin Afroz, PhD Candidate • Religious Studies
Incoming Graduate Student Fellow

Scarlett Engle • Anthropology
Dissertation Fellow

Denise Fernades • Environmental Studies
Dissertation Fellow

Ashlyn King Barnett • Theatre & Dance
Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Fellow


Alana Adams, PhD Candidate • Ethnic Studies
Incoming Graduate Student Fellow

Page McClean, PhD Candidate • Anthropology
Dissertation Fellow

Candace Nunag Tardío, MFA Candidate • English
JEDI Completion Fellow

Dawa T. Lokyitsang, PhD Candidate • Anthropology
JEDI Completion Fellow


Jessica Bertram, MFA Candidate Dance
Incoming Graduate Fellow

Conny Cassity, PhD Candidate English
Dissertation Fellow

Stefan Loos, MA Candidate Classics
Incoming Graduate Fellow

Erich Riesen, PhD Candidate Philosophy
Dissertation Fellow