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Adding Majors and Minors

Choosing a major feels like a significant commitment, and Arts & Sciences staff are here to support you in making a decision that fits your interests, skills, and goals. Making a major decision alone may feel isolating, and you might feel overwhelmed by the number of choices available --meet with...
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Choosing the "Right" Classes

Selecting classes shouldn't be confusing and overwhelming. At its worst, it feels like throwing darts or spinning a wheel. You just hope you get something good. It doesn't have to be this way! Our advisors help you choose a broad, interesting schedule that we hope makes you excited for what's...
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Degree Planning with Scholarships in Mind

Although CU Boulder awards a lot of scholarships when you are first admitted, there are still many more scholarship opportunities available to you in your sophomore, junior and senior years. Here are some tips to make sure you know what’s out there:
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Education Abroad

Who can study abroad? Coursework is available for a wide variety of majors! It's possible to earn major, minor, certificate and/or General Education credit while abroad, as well as elective courses that may help toward overall degree requirements. We encourage all interested students to explore whether an abroad experience is...
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Grad School Advice

Just when you feel like you’ve figured college out, it’s time to look ahead to graduate school. Pathways to advanced degrees are incredibly contextual, but we have a few tips to get you started.
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Graduation Checklist

Students who wish to graduate from CU Boulder and participate in the university commencement ceremony must apply to graduate. Remember that graduation and commencement are not the same thing! “Commencement” refers to the ceremony that celebrates graduation. In the spring, the university holds a main commencement ceremony to which all...
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What are the benefits of an internship? Gain first-hand work experience Explore a career path Obtain skills and knowledge relevant to a particular field Build relationships and a professional network Receive credit and/or compensation for your work Some internships can lead to a part-time or full-time job offer later on!...
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Registration Hacks

Our advisors help you build the best possible schedule, and teach you how you can create it every semester. Schedule an Appointment Now
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Research & Creative Work

What are the benefits of pursuing research or creative projects? Investigate a subject in-depth Consider a question Explore interests beyond the classroom Contribute original work to your field Gain hands-on experience Develop a mentor-mentee relationship with a faculty member Receive academic credit (upon approval) Acquire professional credentials Refine academic and...
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Sample Schedules

Choosing classes shouldn't be confusing and overwhelming. Our advisors make choosing a broad, interesting schedule fun. Schedule an Appointment Now The following are a few hypothetical schedules with feedback an advisor would provide. Remember that we encourage broad exploration, but we also want you to know the impact of your...
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Should I take a gap year?

We often hear our students say “If I don’t go to grad school now, I never will.” The idea comes from a reasonable place. You probably have momentum in your studies. Taking a break after you graduate can feel like moving on, which is terrifying when you haven’t built contingency...
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Wrapping Up

Congratulations! The finish line to your college journey is just around the corner. While you are gearing up to complete your last requirements, it is important to keep the following in mind as you get closer to launching into the next phase of your life: