An internship offers the opportunity to temporarily work in an organization to gain relevant skills. Internships are an excellent pathway to gain first-hand experience and knowledge in a particular industry or field of work.

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"This past year, I had the opportunity to intern for Thorne Nature Experience, a non-profit that focuses on connecting youth to nature. Overall, my main task was to allow the children to use their creativity to work in harmony with the environment, so that they take that mindset and expand it to other areas of their lives. With this hands-on teaching and learning experience, I was able to witness firsthand the benefits of having children interact outside of the built environment."

Hailey Breaker
Environmental Studies, 2021



What are the benefits of an internship?

  • Gain first-hand work experience
  • Explore a career path
  • Obtain skills and knowledge relevant to a particular field
  • Build relationships and a professional network
  • Receive credit and/or compensation for your work
  • Some internships can lead to a part-time or full-time job offer later on!

When should I get an internship?

  • The timing can vary based on your individual situation and the industry you're considering
  • Discuss, with your academic advisor, when participating in an internship would be best for you and whether department credit is an option (if you're interested)

Where do I find an internship?

  • Some departments offer their own internship programs
  • Consider university-wide programs like CU in DC or the Public Interest Internship Experience
  • Get connected with the Handshake portal through career services
  • If your department does not offer credit for internships, career services offers credit opportunities as well as resources for finding one
  • Check with your department and advisor on how to locate other possible internship opportunities!