Research and creative work are cornerstones of a liberal arts education. Gain an in-depth examination of a particular subject and/or contribute something new to an artistic field. There are many benefits to conducting research and producing creative work at CU Boulder, and there are ways to do both across the departments in arts and sciences.

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"In Fall 2018, I had the amazing opportunity to conduct research with a professor in the biochemistry department. Although I only worked in the lab for a semester, I was able to learn many new lab techniques and apply the information I'd learned in my classes. CU has a ton of great research opportunities, and I would encourage everybody to look into programs like UROP and DLA to find a setting that fits their interests and availability."

Carly Peterson
Chemical & Biological Engineering, 2020



What are the benefits of pursuing research or creative projects?

  • Investigate a subject in-depth
  • Consider a question
  • Explore interests beyond the classroom
  • Contribute original work to your field
  • Gain hands-on experience
  • Develop a mentor-mentee relationship with a faculty member
  • Receive academic credit (upon approval)
  • Acquire professional credentials
  • Refine academic and career paths

Who can do research or creative work at CU Boulder?

  • Anyone! You primarily need to be able to show that you are a compelling candidate
  • Some research opportunities have minimum GPAs, but these are case-by-case
  • Check your department website for potential opportunities and for an online directory to learn more about each faculty member and their interests

How can I get involved with a project?

  • Connect with faculty to talk more about their work and your interests, particularly during office hours
  • The Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program has a website with tips on reaching out to faculty
  • Be sure to speak with your academic advisor about research opportunities and funding!