There are a number of campus resources available to support undergrad and graduate students.


Looking for a ride home? Give CU NightRide a try! This student-operated program provides free night-time transportation for all CU Boulder students, staff and faculty. 

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Naloxone (Narcan)

Medical Services provides Naloxone (brand name Narcan) free of charge to Buff OneCard holders through the Apothecary Pharmacy at Wardenburg Health Center. You can also find Naloxone at other locations around Boulder.

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Collegiate Recovery Center

The Collegiate Recovery Center (CUCRC) provides meetings and support groups, recovery-focused housing, events and activities, peer support and more for students in recovery or interested in pursuing recovery from drugs, alcohol, eating disorders, self-harm, other addictions and unwanted behaviors.

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Counseling and Psychiatric Services

Counseling and Psychiatric Services (CAPS) provides a number of services related to substance use, including assessments, brief individual therapy, support for concerned friends and family members, referrals to recovery and other community resources as well as suboxone treatment. 

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Office of Victim Assistance

The Office of Victim Assistance (OVA) provides free, confidential counseling, advocacy, information and referrals for all CU community members, including undergrad and graduate students, staff and faculty. They specialize in addressing current and past life-disruptive events, including but not limited to, crime, trauma, gender-based violence, experiences of bias, harassment, discrimination, abuse and violence.

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Student Support and Case Management

SSCM provides support to students throughout their college career and helps them achieve their academic and personal goals. SSCM does not solve a student’s problems for them, but helps identify issues and appropriate resources and works collaboratively with the student to develop an action plan. Case managers are trained to answer questions, identify next steps and connect students with appropriate resources related to substance use as well as a range of other support options. 

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Classes, workshops and presentations

CU offers a variety of classes, workshops and presentations available to support students as they reflect on their relationship with alcohol and other substance use. 

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Nicotine cessation coaching

Health Promotion provides free quit kits, nicotine cessation coaching and tips for overcoming cravings. Call 303-492-2937 to schedule an appointment.

The Apothecary Pharmacy at Wardenburg Health Center also has nicotine patches and gum available for sale over-the-counter.

CU Boulder Gold Student Health Insurance Plan

The CU Boulder Gold Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) provides coverage for substance use, mental health and behavioral health concerns.

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SilverCloud Online Mental Health Program

SilverCloud is a free and confidential online portal that could be a good first step for someone navigating substance use related to stress, anxiety, or depression. Each module provides tips, information and interactive activities to help improve your emotional well-being. This program is available to all CU Boulder students, graduate students, staff and faculty. 

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If you’re concerned about someone’s substance use, Kognito is a free tool that can help you practice having difficult conversations that help build resilience, strengthen relationships and create connections with campus resources. Through role-play, users build knowledge and skills around mental health and suicide prevention. Kognito is also designed to support academic performance, student retention, and campus safety.

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