kognito conversations that change livesWelcome to Kognito. Kognito is a set of role-play, avatar modules to educate faculty, staff, and students about mental health and suicide prevention.

Benefits of Kognito include:

  • Recognizing signs of emotional distress in others
  • Learning effective ways to respond
  • Effective strategies for referring someone to resources
  • The ability to proceed at your own pace.

Each simulation exercise allows faculty, staff and students to practice conversations that help build resilience, strengthen relationships, and develop connections with campus resources. Through role-play, users build knowledge and skills around mental health and suicide prevention. Kognito is also designed to support academic performance, student retention, and campus safety.

Want to know more about Kognito and how it works? Check out this video!

Kognito demo

Kognito is available for free to CU Boulder faculty, staff and students.

Using your IdentiKey and password, you can login to Kognito and use the platform at any time. The program takes approximately 30 for the student module and 45 minutes for the faculty and staff version. Kognito may be repeated as desired.

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