CU Boulder participates in campus- and nation-wide research efforts to collect relevant information related to substance use and other health behaviors as well as their impact on CU Boulder students.

Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act Biennial Review, 2021-22

Every two years CU Boulder completes a biennial review as part of the Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act, Part 86. The biennial review is an opportunity for our campus to assess the effectiveness of prevention programming, implement changes and develop strategic priorities for the next two years. 

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CU Boulder 2020 Off-Campus Party Behaviors Survey

CU Boulder conducts an off-campus party behavior survey every two years to better understand the nuances and environment surrounding off-campus parties and to develop appropriate programming strategies.

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2021 End of Year Findings Early Intervention Programs

Alcohol and other drug early intervention (AODEI) exists along a continuum between prevention and treatment as a means for students to reflect on their knowledge and experiences around alcohol and other drugs. These assessment reports highlight key findings from CU Boulder’s early intervention programs. 

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Buffs Discuss Substance Use

Health Promotion offers the Buffs Discuss Substance Use program to provide facilitated peer-to-peer conversations on substance use. The intent is for participating students to reflect on their choices and identify ways to reduce risk or make changes.

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