CU Boulder has a number of policies, procedures and guidelines in place to ensure the health and safety of our CU and Boulder communities. Students, staff and faculty should familiarize themselves with these policies.

CU Code of Conduct

As members of the CU Boulder community, we are responsible for maintaining the standards and values of the University, and of the broader Boulder community. The Code of Conduct represents a shared commitment to uphold ethical, professional and legal standards in our daily decisions and actions. 

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Amnesty Policy

Calling for help in an alcohol- or drug-related emergency means neither the person who calls nor the person who needs help will be subject to formal disciplinary sanctions by the university (i.e. suspension, probation, expulsion).

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Previously, students who had been convicted under federal or state law for the possession or sale of illegal drugs would be suspended from Title IV (federal) aid eligibility if the offense occurred while the student was receiving Title IV aid, per the Higher Education Reconciliation Act of 2005.

In December 2020, the Department of Education removed penalties for students with drug convictions. A drug conviction no longer results in a loss of federal student aid, however, the University is still required by federal law to provide this information.

The Department of Justice may place a processing hold on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) for some students who have been convicted of possession or sale of illegal drugs based on prior judgments.

To resolve the hold, a student must call the Department of Education at 202-377-3889 or email This information is also provided upon submission of the FAFSA if it is applicable to the student.

Alcohol and drug guidelines for employees

In compliance with the federal Drug Free Schools and Communities Act, the University of Colorado Boulder prohibits the unlawful manufacture, possession, use, or distribution of a controlled substance (illicit drugs and alcohol) of any kind and of any amount. These prohibitions cover any individual's actions which are part of any University activities, including those occurring while on University property or in the conduct of University business away from the campus.

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On-campus events with alcohol

All students, staff, faculty, partners and affiliates must request permission to host an event with alcohol on campus. All requests for an event with alcohol must be submitted 15 calendar days prior to the event unless the event requires a Special Event Permit (SEP).

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