If you have questions about alcohol service on campus, please review the FAQs below or contact the Campus Manager of Alcohol Service at 303-492-4558 or campusalcoholagent@colorado.edu. If you are planning an event with alcohol, you must follow the University of Colorado Boulder Alcohol Service On Campus Policy.

All requests for an event with alcohol must be submitted 15 calendar days prior to the event unless the event requires a Special Event Permit (SEP). If you plan to use an SEP, contact the Campus Manager of Alcohol Service at least 60 days prior to your event. Please see the Alcohol Service On Campus Policy for the SEP process.

To request permission to hold an event with alcohol please use the Event with Alcohol Authorization Form. Please submit the form electronically using DocuSign. Once the form is submitted for approval by the Campus Manager of Alcohol Service, you will receive an email confirming the receipt of the form. If you do not receive a confirmation email within two business days, please resubmit the authorization request.  

If you are unsure about the type of event you are having or the requirements for that event, please refer to the Alcohol Policy Decision Tree.

 Follow these Event Process Steps



Any event where alcohol is served that meets either of the following conditions is covered by this policy:
• The event takes place on university property
• The event is paid for in part or in whole by university funds.

The only events that don’t require the form are
• Gatherings of 10 or fewer people in a staff or faculty member’s office
• Events occurring during normal business operations at The Connection in the UMC
• Events occurring in the Levy in Folsom Field Athletics complex
• Events occurring at an off-campus location with a liquor license

This means that the only alcohol served is the type of alcohol authorized under Colorado law for that specific location. For example, a gathering that takes place at The Connection during its regular business hours that serves beer would not require the Event with Alcohol Authorization Form.

Yes – All events that take place on university property are covered by the Alcohol Service on Campus Policy.

You can have an event anywhere on campus as long as you meet the specific requirements for the type of event.

The CU Event Coordinator is the CU employee responsible for filling out the Event with Alcohol Authorization Form (AAF) and ensuring compliance with CU policies. The CU Event Coordinator is also responsible for informing the Designee of our policies and procedures. The Designee is responsible for complying with all campus policies and laws regarding alcohol. This includes signage, being present the entire event, previously printed invitation list, AAF is on site and ensuring non-alcoholic beverages and food are available the duration of the event. (The Designee, server and check-in person are three separate roles and cannot be combined.)

No – These two policies work together. The Alcoholic Beverages Purchased for University Events policy deals with when university funds can be used to purchase alcohol. The Alcohol Service on Campus policy deals with when and how alcohol can legally be served and/or sold on campus and off-campus at CU-sponsored events.

Private Events are ones that meet the following requirements: Invitation-only, access limited only to invited guests, no advertising to the general public. Alcohol is free unless the event is a University-sponsored event and the admission charge or other charge for participation is the same regardless of whether the person attending consumes alcohol or not.

An SEP is issued by the State Liquor Enforcement Division and creates a temporary licensed premise for a specific location and time where alcohol may be served and sold to the public. The paperwork for the SEP must be started at least 60 days prior to the event date.

The entity seeking to hold an event with alcohol using a SEP must have an approved Event with Alcohol Authorization Form. The process for applying is different depending upon the applicant. Consult with the Campus Manager of Alcohol Service for more information. The SEP application process requires a minimum of 60 days.

No, you can use any outside caterer. Some caterers may tell you that they have a liquor license and can serve alcohol at any event they cater. This is not true, there is no such thing as a portable liquor license, e.g. UMC, Levy.

Regardless of who caters the event, servers of alcohol must be certified in either TIPS or the equivalent unless the event is an un-catered event at a private residence.

Yes – To help you prepare for your upcoming events, the Campus Manager of Alcohol Service offers TIPS server classes. For fall 2022 TIPS classes please email campusalcoholagent@colorado.edu for dates and information.

Security requirements will be determined on a case-by-case basis by the CU Police Department.

Yes – There must be a system in place to identify guests who are not of age so they won’t be served alcohol (e.g. wrist bands, hand stamps, etc.).

A valid driver’s license, state-issued identification card, military identification card or passport are all approved forms of identification.

If you are using a special event permit you must serve substantial foods like sandwiches, meat or pizza. It is also required that food and non-alcoholic beverages be served at all events with alcohol, per our policy.

If you use a purchase order to purchase alcohol you still need to complete an Official Function Form. For purchases made using the Procurement Card and for personal reimbursements, the Official function Form is not required.

Yes – You still need to complete the Event Management Form for events with more than 200 attendees and for outdoor events.

  1. Auxiliary funds (funds 20 and 29) can be used to pay for alcohol at a CU-sponsored event where an admission or registration fee is the same regardless of whether the person attending consumes alcohol or not.
  2. If there is no charge to attendees or the event is a fundraising event, a fund 34 speedtype with a Gift Purpose Code 2 of Y must be used.

Yes – You can use your Procurement Card to pay a restaurant or caterer if alcohol is included in the bill. You cannot use your Procurement Card to purchase alcohol at a liquor store. To purchase alcohol at a liquor store you will need to use a purchase order. For more information, please refer to PSC Procedural Statement and PSC Procedural Statement.