What we do

Student Support and Case Management (SSCM) provides support to students throughout their college career and helps them achieve their academic and personal goals. SSCM does not solve a student’s problems for them, but helps identify issues and appropriate resources and works collaboratively with the student to develop an action plan.

Our mission

Student Support & Case Management assists students to reduce the adverse impact of challenging situations through connection with campus partners, community resources and support systems, encouraging success through individualized planning.

Case managers

SSCM is not counseling or therapy; rather, SSCM case managers have the opportunity to develop close helping relationships with students while coaching them toward appropriate self-care and self-advocacy. SSCM case managers are trained to answer students' questions, discuss support options, help identify and complete next steps and ultimately, connect students to resources. Anybody can refer a student to SSCM.

Refer a student to a case manager