There are a number of resources available to help families support their students and learn more about alcohol and other drugs.

Talking with College Students About Alcohol Handbook

For many students, college represents a major step into adulthood. Talking to our students about alcohol and drug use can help them clarify what choices are right for them. This free handbook providers information, tips and resources to help you have an effective conversation about alcohol and other drugs with your student.

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Student Support and Case Management (SSCM)

SSCM provides support to students throughout their college career and helps them achieve their academic and personal goals. SSCM does not solve a student’s problems for them, but helps identify issues and appropriate resources and works collaboratively with the student to develop an action plan. Case managers are trained to answer questions, identify next steps and connect students with appropriate resources related to substance use as well as a range of other support options.

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Collegiate Recovery Community (CUCRC)

The CUCRC provides community, support and connection for students, faculty and staff in recovery or seeking recovery from a wide range of behaviors. Our mission is to help develop peer-to-peer connections, support resiliency and contribute to their overall well-being through a welcoming and supportive community.  

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