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Course Code Title
ANTH 3009 Modern Issues, Ancient Times
ANTH 4129 Aegean Art and Archaeology
ANTH 4200 North American Archaeology
ANTH 4210 Southwestern Archaeology
ANTH 4220 The Archaeology of Mexico
ANTH 4224 Archaeology of the Maya and Their Neighbors
ANTH 4240 Geoarchaeology
ANTH 4270 Plains Archaeology
ANTH 4330 Human Ecology: Archaeological Aspects
ANTH 4340 Archaeological Method and Theory
ANTH 4350 Archaeological Field and Laboratory Research
ANTH 4380 Lithic Analysis and Replication
ANTH 4390 Research Methods in Archaeology
ANTH 4420 Archaeology of Ancient Eygpt
ANTH 4460 Archaeology and Contemporary Society
ANTH 4540 Hunters and Gatherers

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Biological Anthropology

Course Code Title
ANTH 3000 Primate Behavior
ANTH 3005 Dogs, Wolves and Human Evolution
ANTH 3010 The Human Animal
ANTH 4060 Nutrition and Anthropology
ANTH 4070 Methods in Biological Anthropology
ANTH 4110 Human Evolutionary Biology
ANTH 4120 Advanced Biological Anthropology
ANTH 4125 Evolution and the Human Life Cycle: A Primate LifeHistory Perspective
ANTH 4130 Advanced Osteology
ANTH 4150 Human Ecology: Biological Aspects
ANTH 4160 Early Hominin Paleoecology
ANTH 4170 Primate Evolutionary Biology
ANTH 4360 Field Methods in Primate Ecology

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Cultural Anthropology

Course Code Title
ANTH 3100 Africa: Peoples and Societies in Change
ANTH 3110 Ethnography of Mexico and Central America
ANTH 3160 Peoples of the South Pacific
ANTH 3170 America: An Anthropological Perspective
ANTH 3180 Gender, Culture, and Sexuality
ANTH 3218 Peoples and Cultures of West Africa
ANTH 3300 Elements of Religion (same as ETHN 3300)
ANTH 4500 Cross-Cultural Aspects of Socioeconomic Development
ANTH 4505 Globalization and Transnational Culture
ANTH 4510 Applied Cultural  Anthropology (same as ETHN 4521)
ANTH 4525 Global Islams
ANTH 4530 Theoretical Foundations of Sociocultural Anthropology
ANTH 4570 Anthropology of Fishing (Maritime Peoples)
ANTH 4580 The Holocaust: An Anthropological Perspective
ANTH 4600 Human Ecology: Cultural Aspects
ANTH 4610 Medical Anthropology
ANTH 4620 Nationalism and Cultural Citizenship
ANTH 4630 Nomadic Peoples of East Africa
ANTH 4690 Anthropology of Tibet
ANTH 4730 Latin American Politics and Culture through Film and Text
ANTH 4735 Contemporary Cuban Culture: Race, Gender and Power
ANTH 4740 Peoples and Cultures of Brazil
ANTH 4745 Science, Technology and Society
ANTH 4750 Culture and Society in South Asia
ANTH 4755 Cultures of Expertise: Science, Power, and Knowledge
ANTH 4760 Ethnography of Southeast Asia and Indonesia
ANTH 4770 Anthropology of Tourism
ANTH 4800 Language and Culture (same as LING 4800)

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