Tanzania Global Seminar Flyer Featuring Local People and a Student

Conservation & Indigenous Peoples in Tanzania (Arusha, Tanzania)

Jan. 28, 2022

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ANTH 1155 Explorations in Global Cultural Diversity- Introduction to the Anthropology of Japan Promo Slide

ANTH 1155 - Explorations in Global Cultural Diversity- Introduction to the Anthropology of Japan

This course offers you a broad sample of cutting-edge contemporary social science explorations of Japan, featuring Friday guest lectures. You will meet many of the scholars whose work we will read, giving you the opportunity to ask questions about their research process. A core theme running through the course is...

ANTH 4020/5020 Promo Slide with a burnt forest in the background

ANTH 4020/5020: Disaster and Culture

In this class, we study disasters from a broad anthropological perspective questions the false dichotomy between nature and society, and has put front and center the role of human agency in the creation of disasters. This perspective argues that disasters occur within the context of archaeologically/historically created patterns of vulnerability...

ANTH 2100 Intro to Cultural Promo Slide

ANTH 2100 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology

What does it mean to think anthropologically? This course will provide an overview of the history and foundations of anthropological thought, with a special focus on the key method of anthropology: ethnography. Drawing on both classical and contemporary anthropological texts from a broad range of international settings, we will analyze...

ANTH 2200 Promo Slide featuring Stonehedge

ANTH 2200 The Archaeology of Human History

Where did human beings come from? How did we come to inhabit the world? Why don’t we eat wild foods anymore? How did complex urban societies rise and fall? All this and more….. Professor Douglas Bamforth See the University Catalog for specifics, recommendations, and prerequisites.

Anth 4700 / 5700 Practicing Anthropology Promo Slide

ANTH 4700 / 5700 Practicing Anthropology: Applying Ethnographic Theory and Methods

In this hands-on ethnographic research course, advanced anthropology students will learn how to use anthropological methodologies to collaboratively investigate social problems and positively impact society. We will develop a model of ethnographic research oriented toward facilitating dialogue between student ethnographers and research interlocutors (community members, policy makers, elected representatives, scientists)...