ANTH 4020 Promo slide featuring a circle of witches

ANTH 4020 The Anthropology of Religion, Magic, and Witchcraft

Aug. 12, 2021

The spiritual and the sacred are fundamental to social life—even in contexts we understand to be entirely secular. By applying classical and contemporary anthropological theories to the study of ritual practices around the world, this course will unsettle common assumptions about religion and magic; it will also question the extent...

Art Joyce Global Seminar Mexico 2022

Mexico Exploring Ancient Mexican Peoples and Ruins

Aug. 9, 2021

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ANTH 7600 Promo Slide Featuring an African Sunset in the Background

ANTH 7600 - Human Ecology: Theoretical Approaches to Human/Environment Relationships

Fall: 2021, Instructor: Dr. J. Terrence McCabe, Office: Hale 440 This course is designed to explore both the historical and current theories and paradigms concerning human/environmental relationships. Because this is an anthropology course, there will be an emphasis on how anthropologists have examined these relationships, but the readings will also...

ANTH 4470 Collections Research Slide featuring students working at a table

ANTH 4470 / 5470 Practicum: Collections Research in Cultural Anthropology

Designed as a practicum, this course will introduce students to research and practice in museum anthropology, utilizing our extensive anthropology collections in the CU Museum of Natural History. Students will conduct subject matter and collections research, engage in collaborative methods, and produce narrative stories for exhibit content development. Class time...