David Bortz
Associate Professor in Applied Mathematics • Associate Professor in Computer Science (courtesy) • BioFrontiers Task Force Member • IQ Biology Graduate Faculty • RASEI Affiliate

Room number: ECOT 640

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Research interests: 

The primary research in my group is on mathematical biology, specifically bacterial community population dynamics and biomechanics, cellular migration, infectious diseases, and designs for an artificial pancreas. I also have projects on information theoretic model selection, computational experimental design, and probabilistic numerical computations. These projects have been financially supported by NSF, NIH, DOD, DOE, and NVIDIA.

Members of the group have gone to top-tier graduate programs (Berkeley, Caltech, Cambridge, Northwestern, Arizona, etc.) as well as ended up in positions at research-oriented (U. Minnesota, SAMSI, U. Adelaide, Air Force Research Lab) and teaching-oriented (Harvey Mudd, Olin College, Air Force Academy) institutions and in industry (Mathworks). They have also won several national and international awards, e.g., NSF-GRFP (4), DOE-CSGF (1), DOD-NDSEG (1), and Gates-Cambridge Fellowship (1).

For undergraduate and graduate students at the University of Colorado who are interested in joining the group, please contact me directly and attach a current resume.

Lastly, please note that at this time (1/2020) I have no postdoctoral positions available.