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Public Health Services Agencies / NIH Requirements

For PHS/NIH research personnel,  completion of the required educational training and DEPA reporting are both required in order to meet federal requirements.

As of August 24, 2012, academic institutions are required to implement changes in some of the regulations governing Conflict of Interest reporting. These changes affect research personnel who receive funding from/are supported by Public Health Service (PHS) agencies, including, but not limited to, the National Institute of Health (NIH). An expanded list of agencies can be found at the following website:

In general, here is how the new changes affect the reporting process:

  1. Disclosure: All faculty, and any other employee or student with responsibility for the design, conduct or reporting of research are considered critical to the research process and must disclose any significant financial interest and external professional activity that could compromise university decision making or duties. See the list of personnel categories that must disclose from the Conflicts of Interest and Commitment page or the Disclosure Form (DEPA) page.
  2. New questions in paperwork required by the Office of Contracts and Grants (OCG) during proposal submission
  3. Educational Training must occur for all PHS/NIH disclosers
    • Prior to engaging in any grant or contract funded by the Public Health Service (including NIH)
    • At least every four years after initial training
    • When warranted by other circumstances, such as noncompliance
  4. AS OF 9/25/2014: The University of Colorado Boulder COI for NIH Researchers training module is now imbedded into the DEPA reporting process. If the NIH COI training requirement has been met previously, the date of training will automatically populate on the DEPA disclosure form and the reporting process can continue. NIH researchers who have not satisfied the training requirement will not be able to move forward on reporting form.  Instead, they will be shunted to the training module, instructed to scroll through it, and click to certify. Researchers then will be redirected to the DEPA reporting form so that it can be completed.
  5. The following University of Colorado Boulder COIC lectures also satisfy the requirement. (Information and dates about these courses have been populated into the DEPA database):

      • Responsible Conduct for Researchers refresher class of 1/16/13
      • Responsible Conduct for Researchers class of 9/27/12
      • Responsible Conduct for Researchers class of 10/14/13
      • Responsible Conduct for Researchers class of 9/29/2014                       

            4.  Threshold Changes: Income or equity is now reportable if it meets or exceeds:

    • $5,000, alone, in income/payments for service
    • $5,000 for the AGGREGATED SUM of income and equity interest/ ownership received from a publicly traded company
    • ANY equity interest received/ownership of a non-publicly traded company

           5.   Travel Reporting Requirements- see travel tab


    Example of how NIH training appears during DEPA review:

    DEPA Review for: Ima.Resperson

    Home Department: Coop Inst Res/Envrm Sci - Dir

    Email:  Ima.Resperson@Colorado.EDU

    Conflict of Interest NIH-WEB MAR 12, 2013

    NIH training is required every 4 years.

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