Sustainability Skills Workshops

These applied learning workshops are focused on skill-building along with applied information to improve your understanding in the practice of sustainability. Most workshops are aimed at newcomers and beginners with little to no experience. More advanced offerings will be indicated. Students may participate in any number of these events, from one to as many as you have time for. There are currently 3 workshops planned for Spring 2017 Semester.  There are no prerequisites to participate and transportation, if needed, is provided.

Workshops are either all or half day and open to ALL enrolled CU Boulder students. Workshops combine short in-class concepts with hands on practice. 

  • Carbon Emissions Inventory - Friday, March 3 from 3 - 7 pm. Materials fee is $25. Enrollment is limited. Register HERE

This Workshop focuses on the first part of Greenhouse Gas Accounting, known as a Carbon Emissions Inventory, and includes an introduction to the international standard for Greenhouse Gas Accounting - The Greenhouse Gas Protocol - and its principles and requirements. We will then walk through assessing and calculating a baseline of carbon emissions for an organization or a household that will include understanding the 3 scopes of carbon, setting organizational and operational boundaries, converting the Kyoto 6 greenhouse gases to carbon dioxide equivalents and more.

  • Basics of Building Soil Fertility and Carbon Farming - Sunday, March 19 from 1 - 5 pm. FREE. Enrollment is limited. Register HERE

This introductory workshop focuses on the efficacy and skill of building soil fertility and the impacts of carbon sequestration from these efforts, including an introduction to the basics of building soil fertility through soil stewardship and increasing organic matter, and the carbon sequestration techniques of compost, mulch, holistic range management, biochar, and agroforestry. Hands on practice in building compost and worm bins is included.  

  • Basics of Colorado Gardening - Sunday, April 9 from 1-5 pm. Enrollment is limited. FREE. Register HERE.

This introductory course includes understanding the needs and requirements of a variety of culinary and edible plants in the high desert mountain West, and includes building soil, garden planning, seed selection, seed starting tips and scheduling, planting tips and caring for edible plants in the garden.