Showcase Your Art in the Heart of Campus!

The Student Arts Program collects original art created by the CU Boulder student community and displays it throughout the UMC and the Rec Center.

Now accepting submissions for the Student Arts Program

We are looking for original pieces

We accept art in the following media: painting, drawing, sculpture, textile, printing and photography/film/technology. Review the complete list of accepted media for the program.

Submission guidelines are listed below. By submitting artwork, the artist(s) agrees to transfer ownership of the art to the UMC if the piece is selected for the program. Prize money is available each year for the highest ranking artwork.

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Deadline: Jan. 21, 2024

Requirements for submission

  • Artist must be a CU Boulder student at the time of submission.
  • Artwork is appropriate for public display. Many parts of the UMC are open to and visited by the public, which may include children; therefore, the UMC reserves the right to choose the location and placement of the artwork.
  • Artwork is not cumbersome to maintain (i.e., materials used in construction will not deteriorate).
  • Artwork is relevant/topical to the campus educational and/or research missions.
  • Artwork is able to be framed and displayed appropriately.
  • Artwork must be on a two-dimensional surface and able to be hung on a wall.
  • Artwork cannot exceed four inches in depth when hung on a wall.
  • Artwork must be an original creation by the submitting artist and must not infringe on the intellectual property of someone else.
  • Artist must transfer ownership of artwork to the UMC as outlined in the Student Arts Program submission form.
  • Submission requirements may be updated as needed.
  • Submission deadline: Jan. 21, 2024.

Inherent Meaning and Artistic Expression
The UMC supports students’ academic success by providing opportunities for student involvement, leadership development and development in a welcoming and inclusive environment. The Student Arts Program values the creative expression of our student artists, and we welcome pieces with a variety of meanings, messages and purposes. While valuing the artists’ expressions, we strive to ensure that the selected artwork is appropriate for display, keeping in mind that the UMC is generally open to and visited by the public, which may include children. Therefore, the UMC reserves the right to choose the location and placement of the artwork. We aim to create a campus in which all community members can thrive in an environment where they feel at home, welcome and safe, as expressed in the Division of Student Affairs’ Inclusion Statement.

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