iPhone frame showing TapRide application What is TapRide?
TapRide is a mobile application that makes it easier than ever to request a ride with CU NightRide. Riders can easily request the next available pick-up. Once the ride is scheduled, riders can map their vehicle’s location in real time. TapRide is free for all CU students, faculty and staff.

How do I download the app?
The TapRide app is available for both iPhone and Android devices. Download TapRide from the Apple App Store or Download TapRide from Google Play.

Can I still request a ride with CU NightRide if I do not have a smartphone?
Yes! Dispatchers are available during operating hours to assist you with requesting a ride over the phone. Just call 303-492-SAFE (7233) to be connected with the next available dispatcher.

Can I speak with a dispatcher if I have questions?
Yes, a CU NightRide dispatcher is available for you to speak with during operating hours. Simply call 303-492-SAFE (7233) ato be connected with the next available dispatcher.

Can I get picked up/dropped off at a specific address?
Yes! CU NightRide no longer requires that you get picked up at your closest cross street. Instead, we now have the ability to pick you up at your address or the closest predetermined location. You can also use your geolocation to drop a pin on the map screen within the TapRide app. 

Can I still schedule my ride ahead of time?
No. CU NightRide operates as an “on demand” service. Simply open the TapRide app to request a ride when you’re ready to go and a vehicle will be at your pick-up location as soon as possible. You can view our average pick-up time before requesting your ride as well as your driver’s ETA once the ride is requested.

Can I have more than one pick-up/drop-off?
The system does not allow for more than one pick-up/drop-off location. If you and a friend would like more than one pick-up/drop-off location, then both riders need to request their own rides.

How do I use the TapRide app to schedule a ride with CU NightRide?

  1. Download TapRide  Apple App Store badge   Google Play badge
  2. Scroll to University of Colorado Boulder
  3. Enter your Identikey and password
  4. Request your ride!

What is the Rider Queue and how does it work?
The Rider Queue is like a virtual “line” for your ride. Once you submit your ride request, you’ll see your position/number in the “line” that is the Rider Queue! As other riders get serviced, you’ll see your number in the queue decrease. When this number is around 5, the TapRide system is planning on where your ride will fit in a driver’s itinerary. Once you have been placed in an itinerary, you will see your driver's location and an estimated time of arrival for the driver to pick you up!

Can I change my drop-off/pick-up location?
No. The app does not allow for edits to the drop-off or pick-up location for your ride. If you need to change either one of these, you must cancel your current ride and request a new one with the updated information.

Do you have wheelchair-accessible vehicles?
Yes! CU NightRide has an accessible ADA service van as part of its fleet. Our drivers have been trained in how to secure passengers safely. If you would like to utilize this service, please call our dispatch office at 303-492-7233.