Published: Jan. 24, 2023

From university research studies to part-time jobs, there are plenty of opportunities to make extra money on campus. See what's open.

Featured studies and jobs

Paid and volunteer research opportunities are also posted on the Buff Bulletin Board as they become available. Student Employment posts on- and off-campus and work-study jobs and a weekly email list for subsribers.

Students only

Study on stress, coping in college

The Research on Affective Disorders and Development (RADD) Lab is conducting research on mood, stress and coping for CU students. They are recruiting CU students ages 18–23.

The study includes a few different parts:

  • You will take a series of online or app-based surveys.
  • You will complete two in-person research visits, each including an interview about stress and health; a set of computer games; and an evaluation of physical functioning.

The study takes place over the course of three semesters, and you will be compensated for your participation (maximum of $356–$386 for completing all parts of the study).

If you want to learn more, contact the RADD Lab at or 303-735-8306, or fill out the initial eligibility screening.

Part-time jobs

ASAP tutor mentors

The Academic Success and Achievement Program (ASAP) provides free small-group tutoring and one-on-one tutoring to first-year/transfer students and any student living on campus (including Bear Creek residents). Mentor hours are flexible, and the starting hourly pay is $16. Learn more and apply.

Campus Dining Services openings

CDS offers the opportunity to learn and build a variety of skills for success during your time at CU and beyond. With flexible hours, convenient locations and competitive pay ($15 per hour), this is a great opportunity for busy students. Learn more and apply.

Career Services openings

Career Services provides great professional development for students of all degree programs. Currently, they are hiring on outreach and development coach and an Engineering Career Services intern. Learn more and apply on Handshake.

Environmental Center openings

Make a difference while you earn a paycheck! The Environmental Center is currently hiring an EcoVisits Team member ($15 hourly) and a Graduate and Family Housing sustainability liaison ($15.30–$16.60 hourly). Learn more and apply.

GPSG finance board member

The Graduate and Professional Student Government is seeking to fill the GPSG finance board member (paid $50 biweekly). The board oversees CU Student Government cost centers such as the Rec Center and University Memorial Center. Learn more and apply. Open until filled. 

Off-Campus Housing & Neighborhood Relations ambassador

Neighborhood ambassadors serve as student leaders, assisting off-campus student tenants with their transition to and ongoing living experience in their off-campus housing, especially in the University Hill area. Compensation is $17 per hour. Learn more and apply.

Recreation Services openings

Help fellow students find their fit! Rec Center student-employees play an invaluable role by providing customer service, safety and fun to guests. There are currently open positions in aquatics, ice rink, facility operations, fitness and wellness, Outdoor Pursuits and team sports. Learn more and apply.

STEM apprenticeships

As an Army Educational Outreach Program undergraduate apprentice, gain firsthand exposure to the cutting-edge research at top university labs and U.S. Army research labs and centers across the country. Working under the mentorship of a professional scientist or engineer, you will learn about the variety of paths in your STEM field of interest and develop the tools you need to get there. Learn more and apply.

Join on-campus information sessions Jan. 31, Feb. 9 and Feb. 20. Email for further details.

University Memorial Center openings

Work in the heart of campus! The UMC offers a competitive salary, flexible hours, professional and personal development opportunities and a true team spirit. There are currently open positions in The Connection, CU Events Planning & Catering and operations. Hourly pay starts at $15. Learn more and apply.

CU affiliates only

Study on collaborative problem-solving in STEM

The NSF AI Institute for Student-AI Teaming (iSAT) team is recruiting participants for a research study who are fluent English speakers, are over the age of 18, and who are students, staff or faculty at CU Boulder. 

These studies take place at the Center for Innovation and Technology, Room 184G. In this type of study we investigate collaborative problem solving in science, technology, engineering and mathematics domains. In the study you will be working with other participants on a series of group problem solving tasks.

During the study we’ll be using cameras and microphones to record the interactions you and your group have with one another and with the tasks at hand. We’ll also use eye tracking to measure your gaze patterns during the experiment. Collecting video and audio data of you and your group’s interactions is mandatory for this study. If you do not want to be recorded with video and microphone, you may decide not to participate in this study at any time.  

These studies last 2.5 hours each, and the pay is $25 per hour ($62.50 total). You cannot earn course credit through this study.

Schedule an appointment online. To get directions to our lab, or for more information, please email

Studies for adults

Astronaut training research in VR

The Bioastronautics Research Group needs subjects for a NASA-funded research on astronaut training in virtual reality (VR). Subjects will be trained to land a spacecraft on Mars in both VR and a physical cockpit mock-up. No prior piloting experience or engineering knowledge is needed, and everyone is encouraged to apply!

You must be English-speaking,18–65 years old, have vision correctable to 20/20, non-color blind, and below the 90th percentile for motion sickness susceptibility.

The study will involve four visits to the Aerospace Engineering Sciences building on East Campus. The first session will last one hour, while the last three sessions will last 30 minutes. Subjects will be compensated $10 per session ($40 total). 

If interested, please email for more information and to schedule your sessions.

Cardiovascular research studies

The Integrative Physiology of Aging Laboratory looking for volunteers for two research studies:

Health effects of new breathing exercise

The first study will examine the potential health effects of a new type of breathing exercise (a time efficient type of exercise) on blood pressure, vascular function and cognitive function.

Participants must be 50-plus years old; have higher than normal blood pressure (systolic BP 120-160 mmHg); and be willing to exercise up to 25 minutes per day, six days per week for a three-month period.

Benefits include:

  • Detailed blood panel (cholesterol, glucose, etc.)
  • Physician-monitored exercise stress test
  • Blood pressure screening
  • Bone mineral density test
  • Monetary compensation for time

If interested, call 303-492-2485 or email

Health aging effects of nicotinamide riboside

The second study will examine the potential health aging effects of nicotinamide riboside supplementation on blood pressure and physiological function.

Participants must be 50–79 years old, have higher than normal blood pressure, and be willing to undergo a three-month period taking nicotinamide riboside or placebo pills.

Benefits include:

  • Blood pressure screening
  • Detailed blood panel (cholesterol, glucose, etc.)
  • Monetary compensation for time

If interested, call 303-492-2485 or email

Locomotion learning study

The Neuromechanics Lab needs volunteers for a study on learning and effort in a walking task. They are interested in how the effort involved in a movement impacts how you learn in a new environment. The task involves walking on a treadmill with separate belts for each foot at walking speeds.

You must be English-speaking, between 18–35 years old, have normal or corrected vision, no movement control or vestibular problems, and no recent orthopedic surgeries or broken bones.

The study will involve a single two-hour visit to the campus laboratory in the Engineering Center, ECSL 1B21, and will include motion-capture of your walking gait. Subjects will be compensated with a $25 Amazon gift card.

If interested, please fill out a screening survey

Contact Rachel Marbaker at or 719-373-1748 with any questions.

Study on sleep disruption, bone health

CU Anschutz researchers in the Department of Endocrinology, Metabolism, and Diabetes are looking for healthy men and women to study the effects of sleep disruption on bone health. 

You may qualify for this study if you:

  • Are 20–40 years old 
  • Habitually sleep 7–9 hours per night  
  • Have not done night-shift work in the past year  
  • Do not currently smoke 
  • Are fully vaccinated against SARS-CoV-2

Involvement includes:

  • Measurements of bone mineral density
  • Completion of sleep questionnaires/assessments
  • Sleep with a simulated night-shift schedule or normal sleep schedule
  • A general physical exam
  • Activity monitoring with a wrist monitor
  • Blood/urine collection
  • Arterial line placement
  • Two inpatient stays (four nights each)

The total study duration is up to six weeks of participation. You will receive up to $1,500 and a FitBit for your time. 

If interested, email for study details, or complete the prescreening survey.

Study on chronic back pain

The Pain Lab at CU Boulder, affiliated with the Institute of Cognitive Science, is seeking participants ages 21–70 for a research study with non-invasive wearable sensors.

You may be eligible if you have experienced back pain for the last three-plus months. Participants will be compensated up to $360.

If you're interested, fill out the screening form, and the lab will contact you regarding your eligibility. Email with any questions.

Spinal cord injury research

Have you had a spinal cord injury? If so, we need your help.

The Sensorimotor Recovery and Neuroplasticity Laboratory at CU Boulder and CU Anschutz is seeking persons with a spinal cord injury to participate in a research project to study how low-oxygen therapy may promote recovery of movement.

This study is looking to see how mild bouts of breathing low oxygen may improve leg strength and walking ability in persons with spinal cord injury. The purpose of this study is to gain better understanding of how this potential therapy may help people with spinal cord injury become more independent.

If the following two questions apply to you, we would like to hear from you.

  • Are you 18–75 years old? 
  • Did you sustain a spinal cord injury more than six months ago?

Data we collect will be used to determine if this therapy may increase voluntary movement in persons' spinal cord injury. 

The study takes up one to two hours per day, up to 10 days of experimental treatment and training, and up to two days for tests on the CU Boulder campus. Participants will be compensated $25 for each visit and in some cases for travel.

For more information, contact CU Boulder's Andrew Quesada Tan and/or CU Anschutz's Andrew C. Smith with the subject line "IH STUDY."

Study on cannabis, memory

In this study, CUChange researchers want to understand how varying levels of cannabinoids (e.g., THC and CBD) impact things such as memory and cognition to better understand the effects of varying levels of cannabinoids.

Participants will be compensated $20 per hour (approximately $150 for 7.5 hours). You may be eligible to participate if you:

  • Are 21–30 years old
  • Have used cannabis for at least one year
  • Are right-handed

Contact for more information.

Study on OCD

The Sleep and Chronobiology Laboratory is looking for males and females with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), ages 18–35, with a typical bedtime of 1 a.m. or later to participate in a research study on campus. Compensation up to $750. Get study details and apply, or email with any questions.

Want to see what your brain looks like?

The Intermountain Neuorimaging Consortium (INC) is a brain imaging research facility in the Institute of Cognitive Science at CU Boulder. They use MRI scans to study how the brain works and how the brain changes across the lifespan. They currently have six to seven studies that are looking for participants from a range of ages across the Denver metro area. 

Learn More & Enroll

Study on nutrition, insulin, cannabis

The CUChange lab is conducting a study on acute cannabis users in the area. The goal is to better understand the effects of cannabis on inflammation and blood sugar regulation.

Participation in this study involves two in-person appointments over the course of one week. These appointments include blood collection through an intravenous catheter (IV), two oral glucose tests and a series of confidential surveys about health, diet and exercise.

Participants can earn up to $200 for completing the study.


  • 21–40 years old
  • Have used cannabis at least once
  • Have not used cannabis in the last three months
  • Are willing to use cannabis at one of the appointments

If you are interested, please complete the eligibility survey. For more information, please contact

Neuroscience language study

The Cognitive Neuroscience of Language Lab is recruiting native English speakers to participate in a research study examining brain activity during reading and cognitive tasks.

The study consists of one in-person session at our lab in CU Boulder’s CINC building (1777 Exposition Drive). The study will involve having your brain activity non-invasively recorded while you complete computer-based reading and cognitive tasks. It will take approximately two to three hours, and you will be paid $20 per hour for a total of $40–$60.

If you are interested in participating, please sign up on the SONA paid research participation website (Experiment ID 506). If you don’t already have one, you will need to create a login to enter the site. Creating this account is free and gives you access to more paid research opportunities in the future. For more information, please email

Study on movement, decision-making

The Neuromechanics Laboratory at CU Boulder is looking for volunteers to take part in a research study that investigates the roles of effort and reward on movement decision-making.

To take part you must:

  • Be English-speaking
  • Be between 18–35 years old
  • Be right-handed
  • Have no neurological or other problems that affect your movement control
  • Have no recent history of falls

Complete the pre-screen survey. Participants will receive an Amazon gift card as compensation. 

This study is expected to last one hour. All procedures take place in our campus laboratory (Engineering Center, ECSL 1B21). For more information, please contact

Human-robot interaction research

The Human Interaction and Robotics Group and the Collaborative AI and Robotics Laboratory are looking for participants to complete a study involving working with a Sawyer robot to complete a collaborative task.

You must be 18 years or older. You will receive a $15 Amazon gift card for approximately an hour of participation. To get involved, complete the participant interest form.

Study on walking performance in older adults

Researchers in the Neurophysiology of Movement Lab are conducting a study to evaluate the influence of light electrical stimulation on walking and balance capabilities in healthy older adults.

Subject requirements:

  • 65–85 years of age
  • Free from neurological impairments
  • No recent lower body injuries
  • Ability to walk for six minutes unaided

The study consists of two visits to Main Campus on separate days (approximately 2.5 hours each). In each session, we will apply mild electrical stimulation using a TENS device and assess subjects' walking and balance capabilities.

Compensation is $60 for the two visits. If interested, please contact Mohammed Alenazy for more information:, 720-231-9767.

Study on aging and the microbiome

The Integrative Physiology of Aging Lab is seeking volunteers to participate in a clinical research study. They are looking for healthy women and men, ages 18–29 and 60–79 years, who are willing to participate in blood pressure and vascular function testing and provide fecal samples. 

Benefits for volunteers include: blood chemistry panel, blood pressure and artery health assessment, and compensation for time. 

For more information, please email or call 303-735-4936.

Study investigating improvements in manual dexterity

The Neurophysiology of Human Movement Lab is looking for healthy adults ages 60–89 years to participate in a research study investigating the effects of manual dexterity training on the health of the neuromuscular system. 

The study involves nine separate visits to the lab (one visit: 30 minutes, two visits: two hours each, six visits: one hour each) over three weeks total on Main Campus, for which subjects will be paid $120.  

If interested, please call 402-310-7298 or email and reference the manual dexterity study.

Study on countermeasures for sleep inertia 

The Sleep and Chronobiology Laboratory is looking for healthy men and women, ages 18–45, to participate in an overnight study on campus. The study will examine the effects of cold and warm water hand immersion upon cognition after awakening from sleep.

This study will last eight days and is comprised of a weeklong at-home portion where you will maintain a consistent eight-hour sleep schedule, followed by a single overnight stay in the lab, lasting approximately 13 hours. Compensation up to $150. Take the pre-screening survey, or email with any questions.

Sign your child up to participate in research

The Child Research Participant Registry connects families and researchers, so that together they can advance understanding of human communication and methods to diagnose and treat children who have communication-related challenges. They invite families of children with or without communication challenges to join the registry.

To learn more, or to sign up your child, please visit this webpage. The research registry is affiliated with the Department of Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences.

Studies for the family

Sleep and development studies for preschoolers

The Sleep and Development Laboratory is looking for participants for a research study to learn about how light exposure can delay the timing of the biological clock of preschool-age children.

Light in the morning

Researchers are seeking children ages 3.0 to 4.9 years who are healthy and have no sleep problems for an in-home study. Families will be compensated $400 cash for participating.

Visit the study webpage for more details and to complete the screening form. Call 303-492-4584 or email with any questions.

Light at night

Researchers are seeking children ages 3.0 to 4.9 years who are healthy and have no sleep problems for an in-home study. Families will be compensated $580 cash and a $200 U.S. Savings Bond. 

Visit the study webpage for more details and to complete the screening form. Call 303-492-4584 or email with any questions.