Traumatic events can impact people in different and unexpected ways.  

Reactions may happen to people who experienced the event firsthand, to those who have witnessed or heard about the event or to those who have been involved in some way. During this time, many find the greatest support from their community and those they are close with. Rely on each other. Reach out to friends or family, find community to come together with others or check in with those you work with and live near. We are Buffs Together.

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Campus resources

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Crisis support

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    How to help

    • Official donation sites for all of the victims of the Boulder shooting provided by the Boulder Office of Emergency Management (NOTE: Police are reporting an uptick in fraudulent donation sites related to this tragic event. The sites included on this page have been vetted for authenticity to ensure victims’ families are the ones benefiting.) 
    • The Colorado Healing Fund, chaired by former Colorado Attorney General Cynthia H. Coffman and the nonprofit organization’s board of trustees, provides a safe way for people to donate following tragedies, ensuring the funds go to the victims and their families.
    • The Boulder County Crisis Fund: Community Foundation Boulder County has established a fund to support the victims, their families, and our community in dealing with and processing this event.
    • Boulder Strong T-Shirt:  Blue 84 is donating all profits from sale proceeds to the Colorado Healing Fund.
    • March 22 victim support: Find more ways to supports people impacted by the March 22 shooting at King Soopers.