Published: Jan. 28, 2020

As you approach your exams this semester, here is a quick, easy guide to help you stay organized and begin preparation.

Start by creating a list of your exams (for each class you are in). For each exam include:

  • The course name, exam name, date, time and place
  • The percentage of the grade the exam is worth
  • The projected score you think you will earn on the exam
  • A list of the topics covered for the exam

Plan of attack

Now that you have all of your exams’ information in one place, take some time to make your exam game plan. Also, visit your professor to ask questions during office hours or attend a tutoring session if you still have questions or concerns. 

Are you an A&S student?

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7 days before your exams

Start studying for your exams seven days in advance! Plan to study for two hours each day for each exam.

  • Organize all notes and materials—outline all material to study; check if anything is missing; prioritize the material and create a study plan for the seven days.
  • Include office hours, study groups and help rooms/tutoring.
  • Believe in your ability to learn the material.
  • Recognize your growth after each study session and remind yourself of your growth before each study session starts.
  • Go back and edit the projected exam score each time you study as a method to reinforce your study behaviors and monitor your progress.

Post exam

After you complete each exam, go back to your list and note the exam score you received. Repeat this process throughout the semester with each exam, and then use your list as a reference point for your finals in May.