Published: Jan. 13, 2020

How can we repurpose and promote the metadata we already maintain on the research and scholarly works of our faculty?

While this is a perennial question faced by the Faculty Information System (FIS) team, over the past six months FIS has focused on a new partnership with CU Boulder’s Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics (LASP) and the Institute of Behavioral Science (IBS). Together, they are finding new and promising ways to answer the question.

“As a university, we already are required to maintain this faculty data for reporting on our research and scholarly work,” said Alex Viggio, director of the Office of Data Analytics engineering team responsible for CU Boulder’s Faculty Information System. “How can we help highlight this data in our communications tools and promote the exceptional work being done on our campus?”

The Innovation Buffs program was designed to confront “business as usual” thinking and encourage problem identification and innovative solutions across Strategic Resources and Support (SRS). Collaboration, as well as finding new ways to approach business process are integral to the program.

“The CU Experts Direct proposal brought so many of the elements we are looking for in the Innovation Buffs process,” said Kristin Alipit, Innovation Program Manager. “They are identifying ways to reduce work duplication, fostering collaboration and serving our academic mission. Further, successful outcomes will include capturing new publication data and enhancing the reputation of research and scholarly programs across the institution.”

CU Experts Direct was named the Innovation Buffs awardee in late 2019 and has already begun its next steps for implementation. Further needs assessment with LASP and IBS faculty and staff will pinpoint desired features as well as potential concerns.

“If the stars align, this will be the first step towards broader implementation,” said Viggio. “Our hope is to produce a flexible, scalable information product that highlights the leadership and impact of CU Boulder.”

Read the CU Experts Direct proposal (PDF)