Be innovative.
With Us

InnovationWe’re only as strong as the people in our community, which is why we want to invest in your potential. To enhance both personal career development and innovation across campus, we’re implementing a new Innovation Buff pilot program. Through this program, staff can participate in various ways to become campus leaders who devote part of their time to engaging inventive thought. This effort will strengthen your career, and our university, by:

• Staying ahead of competitive markets and societal demands
• Enhancing thought leadership that can positively impact our work environment and the university 
• Extending support and resources from the Strategic Resources and Support (SRS) team
• Advancing personal career development for those involved 

How it works: 

• Participate in our small experiment proposal competition
• Volunteer to be on a solution team
• Participate in and complete training and coursework 
• Collaborate with campus peers
• Develop innovative growth plans, and cross-campus innovation partnerships 

The program launches spring 2019. For more information, please contact: