Kelly Fox, Senior Vice Chancellor and Chief Financial Officer, provides leadership in the financial management, operational and planning activities of the campus. 

The SRS Team utilizes their collective leadership and broad campus view to manage shared campus resources in a manner that serves the entire institution. By staying closely aligned and supportive of each other’s work, the team ensures that valuable improvements can be implemented quickly and shared widely. We optimize resources in mission-critical areas by ensuring collaborative holistic solutions to complex challenges.

Our Goals:

  1. Develop a collaborative culture that anticipates customer needs; involves high velocity decision-making; considers external threats; and challenges proxies.  
  2. Create an inclusive excellent environment where differing perspectives and backgrounds are actively sought out and embraced.  
  3. Become a data informed team. A team that engages in robust decision-making that is grounded in data and deeply understands the importance of data in day-to-day decision making.